Person-first Language, Weight Bias and Implications for Obesity Research: eLearningHub Event, 19 March (Online)

Person-first Language, Weight Bias and Implications for Obesity Research: eLearningHub Event, 19 March (Online)

Date: Tuesday 19th March 2024 Time: 4-5pm UK / 5-6pm Paris

Members of the EASO Early Career Network (ECN) are invited to participate in the next eLearning Hub event, hosted by the ECN Board. This specialised event focuses on use of person-first language, weight bias, and the implications of both for research in the field of obesity.

This eLearning Hub event features Dr Ximena Ramos Salas. Dr Ramos Salas, Chair, Bias 180, holds a PhD in Public Health, specialising in Health Promotion & Socio-Behavioural Sciences from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. The mandate of Bias 180 is a global non-profit organization with a mandate to address bias, stigma, and discrimination in healthcare. Serving as an independent consultant, Dr Ramos Salas also provides technical expertise and project management to numerous Canadian and international organisations such as the European Association for the Study of Obesity and the World Health Organization. With a focus on public health and patient-oriented health research, Dr Ramos Salas’s overarching objective is to address the perpetuation of weight bias and obesity stigma by advocating for impactful health research, education, and policies.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to weight bias and how this can impact obesity research
  • Discussion on person-first language and its importance in respectful communication
  • Exploration of how language choices can shape perceptions and help address obesity stigma
  • How knowledge on the above can help develop and improve research

ECN members aiming to enhance their obesity research should attend this event. If you are an early career student or professional interested in obesity, but are not yet a member of the ECN, you are encouraged to sign up here before registering for this session.

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