EASO acts to address obesity

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EASO Mission

To improve health outcomes across society, EASO empowers, advocates and educates to research, prevent, diagnose, treat and manage the chronic disease of obesity along the life course.

EASO Vision

Identifying and solving the challenges of obesity through collaborative action with multidisciplinary stakeholders underpinned by a strong scientific understanding.

  • Established in 1986, EASO is a federation of  professional membership associations from 36countries.  It is in official relations with the WHO Regional Office for Europe and provides Expert Secretariats to the European Parliamentarian Interest group on Obesity & Resilient Health Systems  as well as for the OPEN-EU (Obesity Policy Engagement Network – EU hub)
  • EASO is the voice of European obesity professionals, representing a community of over 20,000 scientists, health care practitioners, physicians, public health experts, early career researchers, students and patients.
  • EASO promotes action through collaboration in research, education and policy.
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To support the development of a unified evidence-based approach to tackling obesity across disciplines and countries

  • by coordinating messages, connecting stakeholders and creating opportunities for collaboration.

To advocate obesity as an urgent and relevant health priority to policymakers, NGOs, research funders, health professionals, media, industry and the public

  • by scoping the European landscape to identify evidence gaps and galvanising partners in order to close those gaps and develop arguments that impact policy.

To identify and articulate effective solutions to these stakeholders

  • by engaging key actors, EASO supports the development of an environment in which policy changes can take place. By providing evidence based resources such as information, toolkits, and collaborative networks, EASO lays the foundation for the policy conversation.
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To support our national members

  • by providing tools and guidance that meet national needs and help establish strong local structures and communities to foster education, research and communication at the national level.

To provide a global platform for sharing ideas and developing solutions in the European context

  • by sharing knowledge across countries and specialties to support the development of best practice, and by working together to provide resources that enable the development of a new generation of advocates, activists, practitioners and researchers.
  • by using established EASO structures (including the ECO, expert and patient networks, website, social media platforms) to leverage and amplify the work of EASO stakeholders.