EASO COM Applications

Obesity is recognised as a global epidemic and the most prevalent metabolic disease world-wide. However, specialised obesity services are not widely available in Europe and obesity care can therefore vary enormously across European regions.

In response to this situation, EASO has developed a network of accredited specialised obesity centres, where the quality and efficacy of the care offered to patients are of the highest standards. Under the EASO Collaborating Centres for Obesity Management (COM) scheme, centres will be accredited in accordance with accepted European and academic guidelines. Our aim is to provide physicians, health-care policy makers and health-care providers with authoritative criteria for the development of Obesity Management Centres across Europe, recognised by national health authorities.  Accreditation will be granted for a three year period, after which time re-assessment will be undertaken.

For further information, please refer to the EASO COM Criteria Paper

Who Should Apply?

The EASO COM network will include university and public clinics.  Each centre must comply with clearly defined requirements and work in close collaboration for the better management of all patients with obesity.  Each accredited centre must ensure that the patient with obesity and overweight is managed by a holistic team of specialists and will receive comprehensive state-of-the-art clinical care. Furthermore, the participating centres, under the umbrella of EASO, will work closely for quality control, data collection and analysis, as well as education and research for the advancement of obesity care and obesity science.

Each centre will be expected to:

  • Implement state-of-the art evidence-based care for patients with obesity
  • Monitor all obesity related medical conditions and risk factors
  • Provide high quality patient and public information
  • Improve access to care pathways by optimising referral processes and developing close working between levels of care
  • Develop comprehensive multidisciplinary local collaboration
  • Facilitate and empower patients to make healthy lifestyle changes: develop therapeutic education
  • Educate staff about treating patients with obesity
  • Encourage development of and support Patient Associations, by sharing experience and expertise
  • Offer or collaborate with preventive care services
  • Promote obesity related knowledge and awareness among the public and health care providers
  • Improve the collaboration interface between clinical researchers and scientists
  • Integrate health care, teaching and research
  • Facilitate clinical research projects

Key Member Benefits

Each member centre will be accredited, for a three year period, as having met comprehensive criteria as set out by EASO and according to recognised European management guidelines – and will therefore be recognised as a leading obesity management centre in Europe.

Accredited centres will have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the development of EASO pan-European protocols for the evaluation of patients with obesity
  • Contribute to the development of consensus statements/guidelines on specialised aspects of  obesity management
  • Contribute to obesity education across Europe
  • Participate in an EASO led pan-European scientific/clinical exchange programme
  • Participate in EASO facilitated Clinical Trials and Pilot Studies
  • Participate in EASO coordinated research projects
  • Participate in COM Summit Meetings that take place each year in October
  • Access and contribute to an EASO pan-European system of data collection and analysis
  • Access a web-based COM community where each centre can post job vacancies and highlight the key capabilities and features of the centre

How Can You Apply?

All interested centres should complete the EASO Adult COMs Application Form which will be assessed by the EASO OMTF (Obesity Management Task Force). Interested Paediatric centres should complete the EASO Paediatric COMs Application Form which will be assessed by the EASO COTF (Childhood Obesity Task Force).

Thereafter, feedback will be given and where necessary assessment site visits will be conducted. No application fee will be charged. However, for those centres that require an assessment site visit, the applicant centre will be expected to cover the travel and accommodation costs of a maximum of two EASO OMTF members. (two EASO COTF members for paediatric centres).

If you require further information please contact the EASO Secretariat at [email protected].

View all centres awarded EASO COM status

The EASO COMs form a network of European obesity management centres that unite to exchange expertise and experience. Each EASO COM is assessed for membership based on the criteria set out above and each is a separate and independent legal entity. Neither EASO nor any individual COM member is responsible for the services or activities of any other member. EASO does not necessarily endorse projects and actions undertaken by individual COMs members outside the COMs setting.