Policy Events

EASO organises a number of policy events both as an organisation but also in our capacity as secretariat for the Obesity Policy Engagement Network EU (OPEN EU) and the MEP Interest Group on Obesity and Resilient Health Systems.

EASO European Policy Conference

EASO hosts an annual policy conference in collaboration with the European Coalition for People Living With Obesity (ECPO). The conference aims to support participants in their efforts to drive policy change for obesity nationally and at an EU level by inviting experts to share updates on the latest research and initiatives, debating key issues and providing insight on recent policy developments.



OPEN-EU acts as a multi-stakeholder collaborative policy coalition, which seeks to ensure that all relevant European institutional strategies and policies integrate measures that effectively help support people living with obesity at EU, national and regional levels and that the treatment of obesity as a gateway disease to type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and over 230 other complications of obesity is accessible to all.

MEP Interest Group on Obesity and Resilient Health Systems

The informal MEP interest group focuses on implementing obesity as a non-communicable chronic disease. The ambition of the group is to ensure obesity is recognised as a chronic disease in definition, scope and how it is treated beyond primary prevention within policy instruments. The group also goes beyond obesity and considers resilient health systems and ecosystems more broadly.