Position Statements (Guidelines)

Founded in 1986, the European Association for the Study of obesity is organised across three regions: North, Middle and South, each of which is now represented by an elected Regional Vice President on the EASO Executive Committee.

In 2001, EASO launched three task forces: prevention & Public Health, Obesity Management, and Childhood Obesity. These task forces are very active, preparing guidelines, position statements and scientific publications, and coordinating educational activities.

EASO by-laws state several policy focused aims:

  • to encourage and support activities related to the research on and the prevention and treatment of obesity by acting as a coordinating body by representing the European national organisations affiliated with the International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO), now the World Obesity Federation.
  • to facilitate communication between the members of these organisations and to represent their interests within the World Obesity Federation across Europe and within the European Union.
  • to organise congress on obesity in Europe
  • EASO also supports major policy initiatives of interest to the broader obesity community with European-wide campaigns in support of European Obesity Day.  These campaign efforts have included successful and widely influential policy conferences during recent years.