Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation

EASO will provide resources and training to support National Association members to develop or adapt Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) for the prevention and management of obesity.

Distinct from expert position statements, CPGs are informed by a systematic review of evidence and an assessment of the benefits and harms between and among care options. They are not endorsements for obesity treatment products, programs, therapies, or services -- instead, they offer an independent evaluation of the quality of the relevant scientific literature, and an assessment of the likely benefits and harms of particular treatments.

Key Obesity Management Principles

Over the past several years, obesity clinical practice guidelines have evolved to reflect new paradigms in disease management, and a clearer picture of the negative impact that deeply ingrained weight bias and stigma have had on research, knowledge translation, clinical practice and health policy.

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The most common approach to developing guidelines is to base recommendations on the highest level of published evidence as assessed using a standard guideline methodology by an independent methods expert team. Where scant evidence exists, methodologies can be used to achieve consensus on recommendations.

Developing de novo CPGs is a resource-intensive process, so EASO will provide support and shared experience to members who wish to develop or adapt their own national versions.

The aims of this initiative are to:

  • Map existing obesity clinical practice guidelines in Europe and determine differences/similarities in availability and use of national CPGs
  • Map national demand for support to adapt, create and/or communicate CPGs
  • Bring together EASO national members and/or COMs to discuss and share common approaches, recommendations, key messages, implementation strategies
  • identify gaps and needs and learn from countries that have recently developed and implemented CPGs
  • Support EASO members by providing guidance, training, and resources.

Member support will include:

  • An EASO CPG guide that includes CPG decision tools and process support documents
  • CPG slide decks, checklists, workshop/meeting agendas, schedules, etc.
  • EASO CPG Core Principles
  • EASO CPG Dissemination and Implementation Guide (including infographics, PPT templates)

EASO CPG Gaps and Needs Report

The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) aims to support the development
of a unified evidence-based approach to addressing obesity across disciplines and countries and advocates for the prioritisation of obesity among relevant policymakers, NGOs, researcher funders, health professionals, media, industry, and the public.

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