EU Research Agenda

The EU Research Agenda forms the backbone of policy-making and evaluation cycles at all levels of public governance. From fundamental research all the way through to implementation stage research, all evidence help to inform policymakers in their decision making, especially in the context of health.

Research priorities at an EU level will have a trickle down effect on national strategies for obesity which is why it is crucial that research calls for obesity and obesity related topics are in line with the European Commission’s categorisation of obesity as a non-communicable disease and gateway to 230 medical complications.

This is why EASO is committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to support the identification and framing of research priorities which adequately reflect the needs of the scientific, practitioner, policy, patient and end-user communities who are tasked with the realities of understanding and implementing obesity as a chronic relapsing disease.

EASO collaborates with key networks to help bridge the gap between evidence, research agendas and policies that can impact obesity addressed as a chronic disease, such as the BioMed Alliance, WHO Europe Region and the OPEN-EU Network.





Read our latest report outlining critical gaps in the EU research Agenda which must be addressed to better support understanding, prevention, treatment, and management of obesity as a non-communicable disease (NCD).