Members come from a wide range of professions and include clinicians, scientists, allied health professionals working in the field of obesity research and education, opinion leaders and advocacy groups, health related organisations, governments, policy makers, representatives of UN Bodies and the international community.

EASO is a membership association.  Our National Association members, and the individual members thereof, enjoy extensive EASO member benefits.

Direct individual EASO membership is not available and a candidate would need to join one of the National Associations affiliated to EASO listed below by region.

Membership of EASO

Established in 1986, EASO is a federation of professional membership associations from 36 European countries. It is the voice of the European obesity community, representing scientists, health care practitioners, physicians, public health experts, early career researchers, students and patients.  EASO is in formal relations with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Europe and is a founding member of the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.

EASO Objectives

  • To establish obesity as an urgent and relevant health and well being priority
  • To develop evolving evidence-based approaches for preventing and treating obesity across the lifespan
  • To promote effective solutions through research, education and policy.

EASO membership benefits all colleagues with an interest in issues related to overweight and obesity

These include clinicians, researchers and public health practitioners. Members of EASO benefit from reduced ECO registration fees, reduced Obesity Facts subscriptions and submission fees, free access to educational podcasts and online meet the expert sessions, and free access to EASO topic specific statements and guidelines.

Researchers & Public Health Professionals

EASO disseminates EU project results and offers a lively network which shares information on EU funding opportunities and consortia development.

EASO is in formal relations with the WHO Regional Office for Europe and represents obesity in EU initiatives and consultations including the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and health; the Joint Programming Initiative HDHL and the Joint Research Centre Foresight Study on Diet.


The COMs network of European management centres brings Europe’s leading treatment experts together. 

This delivers clinical education in the form of ECO workshops, COMs Summit Meetings, treatment protocols and management guidelines.  COMs members can communicate to exchange ideas and expertise via a special section of the EASO website.

EASO Early Career Network

EASO is especially relevant for early career researchers who can collaborate via the EASO ECN network.  

EASO offers an ECN network, travel grants and awards plus opportunities to communicate with senior colleagues in the obesity field.  We encourage all early career researchers to get involved and to apply for travel grants and awards.

In Summary

  • Increase your knowledge via ECO scientific programmes and Task Force educational programmes and guidelines
  • Utilise practical tools and information via guidelines, position statement and workshop sessions
  • Gain exposure by submitting an abstract of your work to ECO congresses
  • Increase your clinical connections through EASO COMs networking opportunities
  • Connect with EASO’s Early Career Network
  • Develop and join research collaborations