Welcome to ECO2024 from Luca Busetto

Welcome to ECO2024 from Luca Busetto

Hello friend, my name is Luca Busetto. I am talking to you from my home in Venice, Italy. As you probably know, the next European Congress of Obesity will be organized in my city, Venice.

The dates are 12th to 15th May. The Congress will be organized by the European Association for the Study of Obesity and will be held in a very nice Congress Center that is located in the island of Lido of Venice, just in between the sea and the Venice Lagoon. The Congress Center is very smart, very well equipped and very modern indeed.

The program organizing committee worked a lot in preparation of the Congress. We had a very, very nice and exciting scientific program with a very extended three days of works for you. The scientific program will be organized along four main topics.

Basic Science, Behavioral and Public Health, Childhood and Adolescent Obesity Management and Adult Obesity Management. We have more than 60 invited speakers with some very, very nice names. We have Plenary Session, we have Topic Session, we have Teaching Workshop.

We have a lot of space for communication, both for oral communication and for a new form of communication that we call Geo-Visual Communication that will replace the Postal Session. So the Congress is very nice and I am sure that you will find a lot of news. We will have very good science.

We will have also the presentation of the oncoming results of new randomized controlled trials for new obesity medication. So the Congress is prepared to be interesting for you. Apart from the Scientific Congress, you know Venice.

Venice is my hometown. I am sure that you will be happy to visit Venice and maybe you can find some short time for leaving the Scientific part of the Congress and enjoying a bit the city. So I will be very, very proud to host you in Venice and I will be very, very happy to meet you in my city in May.

Thank you for coming. For more information, visit www.fema.gov