The Lipedema Foundation announces a request for research proposals

The Lipedema Foundation announces a request for research proposals

Lipedema is a chronic condition that occurs almost exclusively in women and manifests as symmetrical buildup of painful fat and swelling in the limbs, sparing the hands and feet.

Different from obesity, Lipedema may be associated with reduced risk of metabolic syndrome and is often resistant to dietary or exercise-based interventions. A critical issue is the poorly understood disease biology, which for diagnosed patients results in limited treatment options that, at best, ameliorate the symptoms of lipedema. Individuals who suffer from the disease are further impacted by the absence of diagnostic tools, as well as conflicting diagnostic criteria across practitioners. Lipedema is under-diagnosed owing to a lack of public and medical awareness of Lipedema itself, and the stigma associated with weight.

The Lipedema Foundation (LF) announces a request for research proposals, and is soliciting high quality research from scientists and clinicians around the world. The initial LOI calls for ideas with the potential to define and diagnose Lipedema. Applicants of all backgrounds and in all career stages are invited to collaborate with the Lipedema Foundation in their mission to share knowledge, support research, and achieve a future without Lipedema.

The Lipedema Foundation Award Program was established in 2015 to support research to improve the lives of people living with Lipedema. LF is the world’s largest sponsor of Lipedema research, and has awarded over $11 million across more than 40 research awards covering a broad array of topics relevant to patient needs, including diagnostics.

For more details please visit The deadline for LOI receipt is July 20, 2022.