Patient Spotlight Report: Icelandic Television Focus on Obesity

Patient Spotlight Report: Icelandic Television Focus on Obesity

Solveig Sigurdàrdottir

Last month I joined two other women in in a powerful television programme on Icelandic station Hringbraut hosted by well-known and popular Icelandic TV presenter Sirrý. The program show is called “Fólk með Sirrý” and the theme for this particular show centred on obesity and how we may help others overcome their weight challenges.

The three of us have independently worked very hard toward becoming healthier, and together we lost an incredible 140 kilograms.

Jóna Hrönn Bolladottir is a well known and popular priest here in Iceland. Her discussion on the programme centred on the impact that stress has on body composition. She decided to take a sabbatical and on her study leave changed her lifestyle. She returned a new woman!

Ester Helga Guðmundsdóttir was on the programme representing the Icelandic board association for people who work with overweight and food addiction. She has achieved great success with her own weight issues and has helped many others in the fight to loose weight and regain health.

And then of course, I was happy to have been invited to participate I have changed my lifestyle by going in a positive direction with food and nutrition. Exit strict diets and regimens and enter a focus on healthy options available with fresh clean food -which enabled me to start enjoying my life. My world has been transformed by eating healthy clean food. And by going for walks and taking exercise – using the gym is great but it’s wonderful just to move! A major part of all of this has been my effort not to breaking my self down and start to build my up. And to respect my self no matter what my weight is.

The TV presenter is very well known and it was great to be a part of this show. The programme received good ratings and people have been very positive about it.

The full show from TV station Hringbraut on 9.10.2015 is available for download here: