Opportunities, Resources and News – November 2023

Opportunities, Resources and News – November 2023



Submission Deadline
Friday, 15th December 2023

Submit your applications for the Obesity Prize for Excellence or the New Investigator Awards in Basic Science, Clinical Research, Childhood Obesity or Public Health.

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Submission Deadline
January 14th 2024

We invite you to share your high quality research and clinical work. E-posters will form an important part of the 31st European Congress on Obesity.

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ECN Board member Dr Cilius Fonvig invites qualified New Investigators across disciplines to apply for this excellent grant award opportunity.

31 EUROPEAN #ECO2024 CONGRESS ON OBESITY 12-15 May 2024, Venice, Italy


The 31st European Congress on Obesity (#ECO2024) will take place 12-15 May 2024 in Venice, Italy. Mark your calendars for this premier obesity event; register and secure accommodation early to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to hosting you in Venice!

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Understanding Patient & Public Involvement in Obesity Research featuring Mr Ken Clare & Professor Louisa Ells

Tuesday 21st November 2023
(4:00pm-5:00pmUK / 5:00pm-6:00pmParis)

EASO Early Career Network Webinar Understanding Patient & Public Involvement in Obesity Research with Mr Ken Clare & Professor Louisa Ells 21 November, 2023 4-5pm UK/5-6pm Paris Join Us!

The EASO Early Career Network (ECN) invites all ECN members to attend the final eLearning Hub online event of 2023. Audience members will gain insights into practical strategies and methods for incorporating PPI into obesity research

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Early Career Network

EASO COMs Webinar

Women’s Health and Obesity: Pregnancy, Fertility and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Tuesday 28th November 2023
(11:30am-12:30pm UK / 12:30-1:30pm Paris)

COMs Webinar Women's Health and Obesity: Pregnancy, Fertility and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Tuesday 28th November 11:30am - 12:30pm UK/ 12:30pm - 1:30pm Paris

In this 1-hour webinar, two expert clinicians in obesity will explore important clinical areas in women’s health: pregnancy and fertility

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Overcoming barriers

Overcoming Policy Barriers to Improving Care for People with Obesity: Adding Value in Health

On 26 October EASO, in collaboration with the MEP Interest Group on Obesity and Health Systems Resilience, convened a technical working session to discuss overcoming policy barriers to improving care for people with obesity, adding value in health across the EU

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Patient warning: Counterfeit Obesity Medication is putting the lives of patients at risk

Patient Warning: Counterfeit Obesity Medication

Counterfeit obesity medication is putting the lives of patients at risk. The new generation of obesity medications is expensive and in short supply, which has created a global surge in black market sales of counterfeit versions of these drugs

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HOW CAN WE REDUCE WEIGHT STIGMA GLOBALLY?Global Support for World Obesity Federation Position Statement

The statement, titled “Changing the Global Obesity Narrative to Recognize and Reduce Weight Stigma,” was published in Obesity Reviews and is available open access here.

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ARSO EventInsights from Romania: The 2023 ARSO National Congress

EASO and ECPO colleagues were delighted this week to participate in the national congress of the EASO Romanian membership association

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CECON group photoCECON 2023: New Horizons in Obesity Management

The 9th Central European Congress on Obesity was held at the Vienna House Diplomat in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, 13–14 October 2023, covering a wide range of topics

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ECN Spotlight

Elwira GliwskaIntroducing EASO Early Career Network Member Elwira Gliwska

Elwira Gliwska is a dietitian and public health specialist in Poland and a member of the EASO Early Career Network. Elwira has participated in an EASO Obesity Masterclass and in the 2022 EASO Early Career Network Winter School in Seville

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EPH Conference a big year for conferences in Dublin!16th European Public Health (EPH) Conference

8 – 11 November in Dublin, Ireland

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14TH EUROPEAN NUTRITION CONFERENCE FENS 2023, Belgrade, Serbia14th European Nutrition Conference FENS 2023

14 – 17th November in Belgrade, Serbia

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SEEDO 2023: XIX Congreso NacionalSEEDO 2023: XIX Congreso Nacional

22-25 November in Sevilla Spain

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2024 Nordic Obesity Meeting2024 Nordic Obesity Meeting will take place 1–3 February 2024 in Helsinki, Finland.

Abstract submission deadline: 14th September

1-3 February 2024 in Helsinki, Finland

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EASL LIVER CANCER SUMMIT Rotterdam, Netherlands 22-24 February 2024EASL Liver Cancer Summit 2024

22–24 Feb. 2024 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and online

Abstract Submission Deadline 21st November 2023

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Volume 16, Issue 5, online first articles are all available open access.

  • Obesity Paradox in Lung Diseases: What Explains It?
  • Clinical Features of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in the Non-Lean Population
  • Obesity Paradox in Lung Diseases: What Explains It?
  • Frequency and Functional Consequences of Low Appendicular Lean Mass and Sarcopenic Obesity in Patients with Asthma Referred for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Efficacy of Intragastric Balloon versus Liraglutide as Bridge to Surgery in Super-Obese Patients
  • Correlates of Food Addiction and Eating Behaviours in Patients with Morbid Obesity
  • Evaluating the Impact of Obesity and Different Metabolic Statuses on the Prognosis of Hospitalized Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Cohort Study
  • Bibliometric and Correlation Analysis of Bariatric Surgery Researches in Asia-Pacific from 2000 to 2021
  • Higher Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormones May Be Linked to Maintaining the Healthy Metabolic Condition in People with Obesity: New Insight from NHANES
  • Usefulness of an Easy, Structured, and Home-Based Exercise Program to Improve Physical Performance and Quality of Life in a Patient’s Cohort with Obesity
  • The Narrative of a Patient with Leptin Receptor Deficiency: Personalized Medicine for a Rare Genetic Obesity Disorder

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New Research: Alternate Sweeteners Can Replace the Sweet Taste of Sugar with a Lower Environmental ImpactSWEET PROJECT

Did you know? Sweeteners Can Replace the Sweet Taste of Sugar with a Lower Environmental Impact

Consuming too much-added sugar is not just a health issue but is also a concern for our environment.

Non-nutritive sweeteners (NNSs), like aspartame and neotame, may offer a solution. Although health issues around alternate sweeteners are often discussed, their environmental impacts have been less explored.

This groundbreaking study looks into the environmental effects of these sweeteners, marking the first-ever analysis of neotame’s footprint.

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BIO-STREAMS Multi-Pillar Framework for children Anti-Obesity Behaviour building on an EU Biobank, Micro-Moments and Mobile Recommendation Systems bio-streams.euBIO-STREAMS

Introducing Bio-Streams: Addressing Childhood and Adolescent Obesity in the EU

Bio-Streams, a new Horizon Europe Research and Innovation project designed to address the growing epidemic of underage obesity in the European Union, is excited to announce its official launch.

This groundbreaking project combines data-driven research, prevention measures and community participation to provide a holistic approach to reducing obesity rates among children and adolescents.

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Obesity is a chronic relapsing disease that acts as a gateway to other NCDs and is linked with an increased risk of developing breast, ovary, liver and colon cancer.

EASO is pleased to support the European Cancer Organisation-led Interact Europe project, which brings together 33 partners from 17 countries to develop a patient-centred European inter-specialty cancer training programme.

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Proactive Strategies for Addressing Childhood Obesity and reducing Future Cancer Risks

EASO is delighted to partner with the European Health Management Association in a new project, PREVENT — improving and upscaling primary prevention of cancer by addressing childhood obesity through implementation research.

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EASO is pleased to support this 5 year EU funded H2020 initiative. TIMESPAN, led by scientific coordinator Professor Henrik Larsson (Örebro University), includes 17 partners from across academia, industry, and patient advocacy communities, and aims to foster improvement in clinical management of adults living with with ADHD and co-occurring cardiometabolic disease, including obesity.

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