Global support for World Obesity Federation position statement

Global support for World Obesity Federation position statement

EASO was pleased to be involved in developing the World Obesity Federation position statement on reducing weight stigma and changing global obesity narratives.

The statement, titled “Changing the Global Obesity Narrative to Recognize and Reduce Weight Stigma,” was published in Obesity Reviews and is available open access here:

The statement emphasizes that weight stigma is both a social determinant of health and a human rights issue. It also highlights the importance of distinguishing between body size and obesity, as well as the need to move beyond BMI as the sole criterion for diagnosing obesity.

In public and private spaces, the statement urges us to

  • Use person-first language when discussing or addressing people with obesity.
  • Use non-stigmatizing language and imagery when communicating about obesity.
  • Focus on health, not weight, when thinking about obesity.

The infographic above summarises the key takeaways from the statement. We look forward to continuing the conversation about weight stigma and bias in the context of discrimination and human rights with our global colleagues.