CECON 2023: New horizons in obesity management

CECON 2023: New horizons in obesity management

The 9th Central European Congress on Obesity was held at the Vienna House Diplomat in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, 13–14 October 2023.

The congress programme covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Obesity prevention and epidemiology, including the latest research on obesity prevention and epidemiology, including the challenges of modifying key drivers of obesity and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on obesity
  • Obesity and economic challenges, exploring the economic implications of obesity, including the impact of obesity on healthcare costs and productivity
  • Pharmacotherapy for obesity and its complications, covering the latest advances in pharmacotherapy for obesity and its complications, including new medications and combination therapies
  • Bariatric-metabolic surgery: The fourth session, which focused on bariatric-metabolic surgery in obesity, including long-term outcomes, multidisciplinary care, and the role of pharmacotherapy in treatment
  • The session on biological mechanisms in obesity explored basic biological mechanisms underlying obesity, including central control of energy homeostasis, inter-organ thermogenesis, the gut microbiome and metabolism, and hereditary and environmental factors impacting obesity.

The congress concluded with a round table discussion on obesity care in Central Europe, past, present, and future.

Key takeaways from the CECON2023 include a focus on obesity is a complex disease with a wide range of causes and consequences. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to obesity prevention and treatment.

Central European colleagues emphasised that obesity prevention is crucial and requires a multi-pronged approach that includes public health interventions, national policies and plans, and individual action.

Pharmacotherapy and bariatric-metabolic surgery are important tools for obesity treatment and should be used in conjunction with lifestyle interventions for optimal results.

More research is needed to understand the basic biological mechanisms underlying obesity and to develop new and more effective prevention and treatment strategies in future.

EASO President Jason Halford, who received an award at CECON 2023, said

“New horizons in obesity management” was an excellent, collegial meeting hosted by our EASO Central Région colleagues. The congress provided a comprehensive overview of the latest advances in obesity research and management. Expert speakers and panelists offered valuable insights into barriers and opportunities around addressing obesity.

We look forward to reporting from other national and regional EASO congresses in the coming months”.