Venice Declaration

Venice Declaration

The conclusion of ECO2024 saw the launch of an important declaration developed by the hosts of the congress, Professor Luca Busetto and Professor Roberto Vettor. Congratulations on an excellent congress and on developing this important advocacy statement.

It’s time to change the global obesity narrative: manage obesity as a chronic disease and address disparities for sustainable, equitable health systems.

Obesity is a complex, chronic disease impacting millions in Europe and globally. Driven by genetics, environment, behavior, and social factors, obesity can causes significant health challenges for people living with the disease and substantially increase their risk of developing other chronic diseases – including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Thus the failure to manage obesity appropriately and equitably within healthcare systems further strains these systems.

Obesity is treatable. Nonetheless, access to effective multidisciplinary obesity management is often limited, especially for less advantaged populations.

We call for a shift in the global conversation on obesity. It’s a disease requiring comprehensive, long-term management, and is not a personal choice. We urge policymakers, public health organisations, healthcare systems, research institutions, and industry to:

  • Recognize obesity as a chronic disease and prioritize equitable access to treatment
  • Address weight bias and discrimination
  • Move beyond ineffective, unevidenced measures to develop evidence based interventions, and to address environmental and socioeconomic factors influencing obesity
  • Invest in a comprehensive approach, including supporting new scientific research and data sharing tools within the European Health Data space
  • Improve access to obesity management services in primary care
  • Develop AI tools to help address health disparities in obesity care

By addressing obesity as a public health issue and dismantling barriers to care, we can create a healthier future for all.

Press statement of the Venice Declaration 2024 by the European Association for the Study of Obesity, addressing obesity with a focus on equity, affordability, sustainability, and a holistic approach.