Milan Charter on Urban Obesity 2020

Milan Charter on Urban Obesity 2020

Following on from the EASO Milan declaration in 1999 and the reiteration of these principles in the Milan Charter during Expo 2015  our Italian colleagues across various stakeholder groups, including leading clinicians, scientists, patient organisations, civic leaders, and policy leaders and have developed a series of related initiatives, culminating with a Parliamentary motion on recognising obesity as a chronic disease at the end of 2019.

Milan CathederalNow an important new initiative, creating a pact to promote urban sustainability, greater understanding of the complexity of obesity and public-health improvement has been initiated by a group of experts from the Centre for the Study of Research on Obesity CSRO of the Università degli Studi di Milano. Led by Dr Michele Carruba, this forward thinking initiative promises to be an important public health initiative.

The 2020 MILAN CHARTER ON URBAN OBESITY and has been promoted by Centre for the Study and Research on Obesity (CSRO) of the Università degli Studi di Milano, in cooperation with the Municipality of Milan, the Region of Lombardy, ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities), the Parliamentary Intergroup on Obesity and Diabetes, HCI (Health City Institute), CCD (Cities Changing Diabetes) network, IO-NET (Italian Obesity Network), OPEN (Obesity Po- licy Engagement Network), SIO (Italian Obesity Society), SIP (Italian Society of Paediatrics), SIEDP (Italian Society of Paedia- tric Endocrinology and Diabetology), ADI (Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition), IBDO Foundation (Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory), SIMG (Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care), Amici Obesi Onlus (Friends of People Living with Obesity) and Cittadinanz Attiva (Active Citizenship association).

EASO joined the launch press conference today, which reiterated the importance of urban planning and development in shaping the social and environmental contexts in supporting a systems approach to addressing obesity. As we know, obesity is a gateway to other chronic diseases including diabetes. Mayor of Milano, Giuseppe Sala has now signed the related Urban Diabetes Declaration 2020 in conjunction with the Cities Changing Diabetes initiative. Read more (IT)

The full text of the charter in English is available in PDF format.