EASO builds community advocacy capacity online

EASO builds community advocacy capacity online

“Loved the hands-on work, very engaging and makes you think”

As part of EASO efforts to build capacity across our community to effectively advocate on obesity in national contexts, EASO piloted an online interactive series in 2020 based on the EASO Advocacy Handbook and bringing to life other materials.

The second edition of our Advocating on Obesity Online Workshop Series brought together 30+ participants to learn skills and tools around how we can engage with policymakers and other stakeholders to shift the dial on obesity policy.

Representatives explored the advocacy process step by step, through four participatory online workshops held in February and March. The workshop series looks at every aspect of advocacy, from identifying and prioritising issues to implementing an advocacy action plan.

How can we better understand our audiences and tailor messages to engage them and inspire their support?

This year we adapted the series with a new case study drawing on colleagues’ experiences in Ireland. In each workshop, participants worked in groups to test out advocacy tools for themselves, applying their unique experiences and skills. Together with the EASO Advocacy Handbook, the workshop series equips organisations working on obesity with tools, resources and skills to develop and implement their own advocacy strategies and better fulfil their policy objectives.