Opportunities, Resources and News – August 2023

Opportunities, Resources and News – August 2023

Applications are now being accepted for our 2023 ECN Winter School ‘Hot Topics in Obesity’ and 2023 Masterclass ‘A Multidisciplinary Approach to Obesity’ — both taking place 30 November – 2 December in Antalya, Türkiye 🇹🇷

Application deadline: 15th September

ECN Winter School 2023 visual2023 ECN Winter School ‘Hot Topics in Obesity’

This residential, educational course is open to early career researchers and practitioners who are members of the ECN. The Programme for 2023 will focus on ‘Hot Topics in Obesity’ with sessions addressing key issues in research, treatment and public health.

Teaching will be interactive and delivered by European experts and include both lectures and practical training.

Only 35 places are available for this prestigious course.


You must meet the criteria below to be eligible to apply for the ECN Winter School

  • You are currently registered in an undergraduate or post-graduate course of study related to obesity or have received a masters, PhD or other relevant postgraduate degree within the past five years or an MD within the past eight years, and/or;
  • You currently hold (or are applying to hold) an entry level position – e.g., junior doctor, post-doctoral fellow, lecturer, instructor, assistant professor, public health manager, or public policy coordinator at an established academic/research institution, NGO or public health institution/authority
  • You have carried out the majority of work in Europe (although a proportion of work may have been performed outside of Europe)
  • You are a member of the ECN (Not a member? Join here)
  • You are a member of an EASO affiliated national obesity association. (Not a member? Contact your National Association and join. List of EASO National Member Associations)
  • You are not eligible to apply if you have attended an ECN Winter School or Masterclass in the last 3 years.
  • There is no registration fee, and EASO will provide hotel accommodation and all meals for successful applicants. Travel costs are to be covered by the participant.

Apply here for ECN Winter School

masterclass2023 Masterclass ‘A Multidisciplinary Approach to Obesity’

To address the wide disparities in obesity care and public health strategies,EASO education programmes offer comprehensive training designed for European health professionals working in obesity prevention and management.

Teaching at the Masterclass will be delivered via lectures, clinical case studies, group discussions and workshops.

Only 35 places are available for this prestigious course.


  • Recognise that obesity is a chronic relapsing disease that has a multifactorial aetiology and multiple health consequences.
  • Appreciate patient perspectives and the significant issues of weight bias and stigma.
  • Appreciate clinical evaluation techniques and be cognisant of the effectiveness of various interventions including dietary, physical activity, behavioural, pharmacological and surgical approaches.
  • Become familiar with a variety of evidence based and patient-centered tools and methods that can assist and enhance the implementation of weight management programmes


Applications are invited from HCPs and PCPs from European countries, identified via a competitive application process. Accepted applicants will be restricted to applications who:

  • Hold a Masters/PhD degree in a relevant area and/or
  • Have 3-5 years of relevant practical experience and/or
  • Are PCPs who see adult, adolescent and /or childhood obesity in their practice
  • Are policymakers working in an area relevant to obesity policy
  • Are members of an EASO affiliated national obesity association if one exists in your country. List of EASO Member Associations

You are not eligible to apply if you have attended an EASO Masterclass or ECN Winter School in the last 3 years.

There is no registration fee and EASO will provide hotel accommodation and meals for successful applicants.

Priority will be given to applicants who are members of EASO affiliated National Associations.

Apply for EASO Masterclass


Joint Statement on Surgical TourismEASO, IFSO – EC AND ECPO Joint Statement on Surgical Tourism

Bariatric surgery can be a highly effective intervention for weight loss and overall health improvement in patients with severe obesity. Bariatric procedures may also include endoscopic treatment and bariatric surgery is often followed by post–weight loss plastic surgey.

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Food marketing plays a significant role in shaping our food choices and consumption patterns in the places where we live, work, and play. Using targeted advertisements, appealing packaging, and strategic placement, marketers can influence preferences, encouraging the consumption of particular products.

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Marion Hetherington Editor-in-Chief of the journal AppetiteMarion Hetherington Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Appetite, announces special issues and a call for papers

We are pleased to connect with Professor Marion Hetherington, announcing four upcoming Special Issues and who has issued a call for papers.

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ROADMAP-FOR-PEOPLE-AND-PATIENT-CENTERED-HEALTH-SYSTEMSRoadmap for people and patient-centred health systems

How can we support EU Member States in making health systems more people and patient-centred?

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IFSO World Congress 2023The IFSO World Congress of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

30th August – 1st Sept in Napoli, Italy 🇮🇹

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ICOMES logoICOMES 2023: International Congress on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome hosted by KSSO

7-9 September in Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷

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ECOG LogoChildhood Obesity Congress

7-9th September in Albania, Bulgaria 🇧🇬

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Early Career Programme: UK Congress on ObesityEarly Career Programme – UK Congress on Obesity

13 September in Belfast, Ireland 🇮🇪

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13-14th October in 30th August – 1st September in Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

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Prevention of Childhood ObesityConference – Prevention of Childhood Obesity

30 October – 3 November in Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰

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EPH Conference a big year for conferences in Dublin!16th European Public Health (EPH) Conference

8 – 11 November in Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

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14TH EUROPEAN NUTRITION CONFERENCE FENS 2023, Belgrade, Serbia14th European Nutrition Conference FENS 2023

14 – 17th November in Belgrade, Serbia 🇷🇸

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EASO Obesity Facts Banner



Volume 16, Issue 3, and online first articles are all available open access

  • Genetic and Environmental Factors Underlying Parallel Changes in Body Mass Index and Alcohol Consumption: A 36-Year Longitudinal Study of Adult Twins
  • Higher Risk of Sarcopenia in Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: NHANES 1999–2018
  • Medical or Common Knowledge? Knowledge of Medical Professionals on Obesity Diagnosis Criteria and Treatment
  • Integrative and Collaborative Approach in the Chronic Management of Obesity in Primary and Tertiary Care Setting: Vall Hebron-SAP Muntanya Healthcare Route
  • Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Is Associated with Acute Kidney Injury after Abdominal Trauma Based on the Generalized Propensity Score Approach: A Retrospective Cohort Study
  • The Skeletal Muscle Transcriptome Profile of Elderly Men with Metabolic Syndrome Based on Weighted Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis
  • Health-Related Quality of Life in Those with Persistent or Transient Obesity Phenotypes during Two Decades: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study
  • Health-Related Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents with Overweight, Obesity, and Severe Obesity: A Cross-Sectional Study
  • Weight Loss History and Its Association with Self-Esteem and Eating Behaviors in Adolescents and Young Adults with Obesity
  • Changes in Lifestyle and Body Weight in Children and Adolescents during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Representative Survey of Parents in Germany

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Banner ECO2024

Save the Date

The 31st European Congress on Obesity (ECO 2024) will take place 12-15 May 2024 in Venice, Italy – save the dates! 🇮🇹

We look forward to hosting you in Venice.



SWEET Project Partners Showcase Research and Prototypes at Vitaconnect Event in DijonSWEET PROJECT

SWEET Project Partners Showcase Research and Prototypes at Vitaconnect Event in Dijon

On April 6th, 2023, the Vitaconnect event in Dijon, France, hosted two insightful workshops led by partners of the “SWEET Project”.

The workshops highlighted the project’s research findings and product developments to an audience of food industry professionals.

The event fostered knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities on various food innovation topics.

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BIO-STREAMS Multi-Pillar Framework for children Anti-Obesity Behaviour building on an EU Biobank, Micro-Moments and Mobile Recommendation Systems bio-streams.euBIO-STREAMS

Introducing Bio-Streams: Addressing Childhood and Adolescent Obesity in the EU

Bio-Streams, a new Horizon Europe Research and Innovation project designed to address the growing epidemic of underage obesity in the European Union, is excited to announce its official launch.

This groundbreaking project combines data-driven research, prevention measures and community participation to provide a holistic approach to reducing obesity rates among children and adolescents.

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Proactive Strategies for Addressing Childhood Obesity and reducing Future Cancer Risks

EASO is delighted to partner with the European Health Management Association in a new project, PREVENT — improving and upscaling primary prevention of cancer by addressing childhood obesity through implementation research.

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EASO is pleased to support this 5 year EU funded H2020 initiative. TIMESPAN, led by scientific coordinator Professor Henrik Larsson (Örebro University), includes 17 partners from across academia, industry, and patient advocacy communities, and aims to foster improvement in clinical management of adults living with with ADHD and co-occurring cardiometabolic disease, including obesity.

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