EU Projects

Dissemination of European Obesity Research

EASO acts as a dissemination partner in a number of important EU funded research projects (both PF7 and Horizon 2020), often as WP Leader. EASO develops and implements dissemination work package plans, with tasks including (but not limited to) project identity, branding and website development; communications and media; social media; scientific exchange; webcasts and educational workshops; and scientific guideline development. We would be happy to discuss dissemination opportunities with project coordinators, groups and individuals currently carrying out European obesity research. Please contact the EASO Secretariat to discuss your dissemination requirements and the nature and scope of your research project(s).


The best way to help people lose weight and keep it off is to develop programmes based on solid evidence of what works and what doesn’t work. At the moment, we don’t know enough about how to do this. NoHoW will tackle this problem.

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SPOTLIGHT is a cross-European research project and stands for sustainable prevention of obesity through integrated strategies. It is funded by the European Commission through its seventh Framework programme.

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DORIAN stands for: Developmental ORIgins of healthy and unhealthy AgeiNg: the role of maternal obesity

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WHO Regional Office for Europe

EASO is in formal relations with the WHO Regional Office for Europe. A challenging and far reaching joint action plan has been developed with actions including the development of joint workshops, statements and scientific papers; scientific exchanges; and joint input into relevant European projects.

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MoodFood is a multidisciplinary consortium involving 13 organizations in 9 European countries, using a unique integrative approach which combines expertise in nutrition, consumer behaviour, psychiatry and preventive psychology.

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