The EU PREVENT Project is working to identify and overcome barriers to implementing strategies to address childhood obesity and to improve interventions for childhood and teen weight management to reduce cancer risk in adulthood.

EASO is delighted to partner with the European Health Management Association in a new project PREVENT — improving and upscaling primary prevention of cancer by addressing childhood obesity through implementation research

Childhood obesity is a pressing public health concern with far-reaching implications. Most notably, it can significantly increase the risk of developing severe health conditions, including cancer, in adulthood. Recognizing this issue, EMHA and project participants have started developing a comprehensive initiative dedicated to fostering healthy growth and development among children and adolescents.

The project aligns with Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan: 

EMHA plans to evaluate the implementation of PREVENT results across European countries and regions, and will explore uptake of the PREVENT methodology by healthcare institutions.

The initiative aspires to cultivate a healthful future where early-established healthy practices can reduce the incidence of adult diseases, including cancer.

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