EASO Summer School: Training the Trainers in the Prevention and Management of Obesity

Les Pensières at Fondation Mérieux – France: 2-4 July 2017

EASO is pleased to announce its 2017 Train the Trainer Summer School, the aim of which is to deliver high level multidisciplinary training in the prevention and management of obesity. Course content will be delivered by European KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and education experts.

30 funded places are available for this comprehensive training course, which will increase the knowledge and competencies of experienced European HCPs and PCPs, training participants to develop and implement interventions that treat and prevent obesity at the local and regional level.

Workshops will address topics including:

  • Stigma and obesity; the patient perspective
  • Tackling stigma in medical systems: how do you educate your HCP colleagues?
  • Advocacy Training: Making the arguments – convincing messages for policymakers
  • Successful (or not) prevention interventions: practical examples
  • How to develop multistakeholder city level policies
  • Early life and childhood interventions: practical examples
  • Current Evidence on the Efficacy of Different Treatment Methods
  • Practical approaches to treat obesity in children
  • Practical approaches to treat obesity in adults
  • How to improve prevention and treatment in vulnerable populations
  • The role of therapeutic education
  • Physical Activity and Fitness: How to Assess and Promote
  • How to assess nutrition and provide practical recommendations for the family
  • H4H Academy, Evian

Participants will be HCPs and PCPs from European countries, identified via a competitive application process with acceptance restricted to applicants who hold a Masters/PhD degree and/or have 3-5 years of relevant practical experience, or are MDs working in the field of obesity.

There is no registration fee and EASO will provide hotel accommodation and all meals for successful applicants. EASO expects to receive a high number of applications, it is therefore important that you give us much information as possible in your submission).

The deadline for receipt of application is
Tuesday 18th April 2017.

Novo Nordisk and Danone Research have provided partial funding of the 2017 Train the Trainer Summer School through unrestricted grants to EASO.

Application submission is closed.