Survival Advantage of Bariatric Surgery Patients with and Without Diabetes

Survival Advantage of Bariatric Surgery Patients with and Without Diabetes

We are pleased to share this important new paper from EASO Obesity Management Task Force (OMTF) Co-Chair Dr Dror Dicker and colleagues.

Although data are sparse regarding the survival benefit of bariatric surgery on mortality among people with diabetes, this new study endeavoured to investigate the association between bariatric surgery, on all-cause mortality in individuals who underwent surgery when compared with usual care, and matched controls, stratified by the presence of diabetes.

After a median follow-up of 4.2 years, the survival advantage of bariatric surgery was greater among individuals with diabetes than among those without diabetes for the three types of bariatric surgery combined. Future studies which include longer follow-up periods of patients undergoing RYGB and LSG are needed to determine whether a survival advantage is evident in patients without diabetes after an extended period.

Invitation: XXIII IFSO Journal Club

Watch the preview interview with EASO OMTF co-chair Dr. Dror Dicker and Dr. Aung Myint for the XXIII IFSO Journal Club. Join the event live online, Thursday January 21st, 2021, 2-3pm CET.

This session will focus on the article “All-Cause Mortality of Patients With and Without Diabetes Following Bariatric Surgery: Comparison to Non-surgical Matched Patients“ published in Obesity Surgery, January 2021.

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