PURPOSE: understanding the nature and prevalence of obesity stigma in employment.

PURPOSE: understanding the nature and prevalence of obesity stigma in employment.

We are pleased to offer you an opportunity to participate in key research being conducted by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) via the new PURPOSE survey.

The aim of  the Purpose (Promoting Understanding and Research into Productivity, Obesity Stigma and Employment) Programme*, which was launched by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) in November 2020 is to focus on the ways in which the employment and labour market outcomes of individuals living with obesity can be improved through concerted and joined-up action from a number of stakeholders (policy makers, healthcare professionals, people living with obesity and employers).   The research programme aims to present the evidence about stigma and employment faced by employees living with obesity in accessible terms, and what the consequences are for organisations, people living with obesity, and the wider economy and society.  The other aim of the Purpose Programmes is to move this analysis into action and lead to a shift in thinking with regards to how employers make resourcing decisions, the way in which people living with obesity are supported at work and my healthcare professionals to thrive at work, and how policies can be framed so employees living with obesity can have the best opportunity to live full and fulfilling lives.

This current piece of research aims to understand the nature and prevalence of stigma that people living with obesity experience in employment.  We are undertaking some primary data collection to gather experiences of employees living with obesity, the roles they are in and if they have perceived or experienced discrimination at work, what adjustments (if any) they have had in the workplace, and what they think employers can do to support employees living with obesity at work.  The findings will be used to develop recommendations for relevant stakeholders to ensure that people living with obesity have access to good work practices.

We encourage you to take part by answering the survey, which can be accessed here: https://online1.snapsurveys.com/purpose

*Novo Nordisk has provided funding to the Institute of Employment Studies (IES) to undertake the creation of the PURPOSE programme.  Novo Nordisk has had no influence of the content of the survey or this programme.  IES retains full and final editorial control over this survey and all the aspects of the PURPOSE programme.