Pre-congress media coverage 2024

Pre-congress media coverage 2024

This year, ECO has issued several press releases ahead of the congress with the agreement of the research authors – here are just a few examples of the media coverage obtained:

Gut bacteria influence obesity different men/women (abstract 641, Top Visual Green Communication, Paula Aranaz)

ABC News (Spain) –  The bacteria that influence obesity are different in men and women (
BBC Focus – New microbiome breakthrough could be key to fighting obesity | BBC Science Focus Magazine

MS and obesity (Sala Perla 12:30-12:45 Monday 13 May) AS06.04 Pediatric obesity increases the risk of early Multiple Sclerosis: Emilia Hagman

The Independent – Children with obesity have higher MS risk, study suggests | The Independent

Plant extracts could help weight loss (abstract 145, Green Visual Communication, Elena Murcia)

20 Minutos (Spain) – Spanish Researchers Discover Two Weight Loss Compounds Similar to Ozempic but Without Side Effects (
El Mundo (second largest daily newspaper Spain) – Researchers from Murcia use artificial intelligence to find two plant compounds similar to new anti-obesity drugs | Bless you (
Il Gazzettino (Newspaper Italy) – In Venice, the presentation of two diet pills derived from plants and selected by artificial intelligence (

Replacing sugar with sweeteners (Sala Perla 1700-1830H Mon 13 May, SWEET Symposia) Barriers and Facilitators to the Use of Sweeteners and Sweetness Enhances to replace Sugar

Salamanca 24 hours (digital newspaper Spain) – These are the benefits of substituting sugar for sweetener in our diet (
New York Post – Sweeteners like aspartame, stevia can lead to weight loss: study (

Is obesity passed down the generations? (abstract 572, Green Visual Communication – Mari Mikkelsen)

Globo (Brazil) – Obesity can be ‘inherited’, Norwegian study finds (
The Telegraph – Children of obese parents six times more likely to be overweight in middle age (
Hyva Terveys (Health Magazine Finland) – Children of obese parents often obese even in middle age | Good health (
Sozcu (daily newspaper Turkey) – Scientific research: Whenever the family gains weight, the child gains it at that age – Sözcü (