Obesity and Kidney Disease: A critical health issue

Obesity and Kidney Disease: A critical health issue

We are pleased to be joined at the next EASO COMs webinar by colleagues from the European Renal Association.

ERA is one of the largest nephrology associations worldwide. The ERA mission is to reduce the burden of chronic kidney disease by supporting basic and clinical research in the fields of clinical nephrology, dialysis, and renal transplantation. ERA organises annual congresses and supports fellowships, and CME courses. ERA publishes two official leading nephrology journals in Europe: NDT and CKJ (open access).

The Association has several Working Groups and Committees established to enhance education, science and networking within specific areas of interest. In this regard, DIABESITY is the ERA Working Group that aims to create and disseminate knowledge on the Nephrological Impact in relation to Diabetes and Obesity.

European research in this field is already of very high quality. However, the magnitude of the challenge in kidney health requires strong, multinational collaboration between teams specialized in different aspects of diabetes and obesity (both basic and clinical).

By combining expertise, EU collaboration can additionally benefit translational and cross-functional research on the renal consequences of Diabesity. The DIABESITY Working Group aims to be a means of interchange of knowledge and skills between established scientists in the field, fostering better communication between research, patients and society.

EASO president-elect Professor Volkan Yumuk will chair this session on fatty kidney disease and obesity. We will be joined by leading specialists Professor Trond Jensen and Professor Enrique Morales.

COMs representatives are invited to register for this webinar, which will be held at 11am CET on 22 November 2022.