EASO Award and Travel Grant Winners – 2009

EASO Award and Travel Grant Winners – 2009

Presented during the 17th ECO in Amsterdam:

The EASO Executive Committee is proud to announce that EASO was awarded the 2009 Amsterdam Young Scientist Award. This prestigious award was presented to Janna van Diepen (Netherlands) during the ECO2009 Closing Ceremony.

  • New Investigator Award for Basic Science – Ruben Nogueiras (Spain)
  • New Investigator Award for Clinical Science – Jean-Christophe Peter (Switzerland)
  • New Investigator Award for Public Health – Maira Bes-Rastrollo (Spain)
  • New Investigators United Best Thesis Award – Johan Jocken (Netherlands)

Travel Grants

(supported through an educational grant from sanofi-aventis)

  • Florian Kiefer (Austria)
  • Vladimir Kus (Czech Republic)
  • Nimesh Mody (UK)
  • Sousana Papadopoulou (Greece)
  • Eliza Patryn (Poland)

ECO2009 Poster Prize Winners:

Track 1: Prevention and Health Promotion

T1:PO.26: Razquin, C. et al

Track 2: Epidemiology and the Impact of Obesity

T2:PO.32: Thomas, L. et al

Track 3: Integrative Metabolism and Homeostasis

T3:PO.05: Malavazos, A.E. et al

Track 4: Genes and Tissue Biology

T4:PO.14: Peeters, A. et al

Track 5: Weight and Risk Management – clinical/lifestyle/weight loss

T5:PO.21: Johansson, K. et al