New Masters of Science Programme in Food and Health Launched

New Masters of Science Programme in Food and Health Launched

We are delighted to announce a new multidisciplinary Masters of Science in Food and Health at the University of Padova. Launching in the 2021-2022 academic year, the first cohort of students will join the course in October 2021.

Dr Mara Thiene from the Dpt. Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry and Dr Luca Busetto from the Department of Medicine at the Università degli Studi di Padova join us to share information about the objectives and interesting details about the new course.

Thanks for joining us, Mara and Luca. Can you share the inspiration for developing this new course?

LUCA: To summarize the inspiration for developing the “Food & Health” course in a few words, I refer to the “From farm to fork” European Union paradigm.  More specifically, the course aims to uncover the aspects underlying the complex relationships between foods and human health, in a multidisciplinary context.

MARA this will include experts in food production and quality, harvest and post-harvest of agri-food products ,economics and marketing, human and microbiota biology and physiology, psychology and social sciences, medical sciences and clinics.

What were your key objectives when developing the curriculum?

LUCA. Our objective is to create a new professional opportunity with the capability to plan and implement articulated systemic projects linking foods and nutrition, for the prevention of nutrition-related diseases.

MARA The concept of healthy and sustainable nutrition will be central in future years and we believe that there will be an increasing need for professionals able to work in a multidisciplinary context.

There is certainly a complex relationship between food, nutrition and health, both in Europe and globally. Congratulations on pulling together a curriculum that is both multidisciplinary and comprehensive. Can you explain the educational pathway of students who enroll?

LUCA. The course will be open to students with backgrounds in food technology, agriculture and forestry as well as from health sciences (including both biology and dietetics).

MARA Alternative “entry levels” course units in food science or biology are devoted to students with a different background with the specific aim to”harmonize” skills of all students..

We note that there is an opportunity to earn a joint degree. Is the course focused on in-person learning  or will education be digital?

MARA. The Master of Science program was inspired by two editions of fruitful experience of a Summer School on Foods and Health, that our University organized jointly with The University of Sydney. The school was a very exciting experience with a large number of international applications.

LUCA We hope to further develop this collaboration in the future with the development of a double degree with our Australian colleagues. We are ready to use digital educational tools, but we place an extremely high value on in-person learning and team building. Our University has an 800 years history with a mission of developing a strong network between professors and students, who can really work and live together in our small and friendly city.

Students will find complete details including course description, admission criteria, scholarships and application deadline via:

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