Joint ECO2023 session: EASO and the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity

Joint ECO2023 session: EASO and the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity

Dr Jennifer Baker, Co-chair of the EASO Childhood Obesity Working Group reports on the session.

A fantastic joint session between EASO and the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity (KSSO) was held at ECO 2023. Its title was “Digital Therapeutics and Big Data,” and it covered a range of relevant and interesting topics from the viewpoint of Europe and Korea, as evidenced by the packed lecture hall. The session was chaired by EASO’s president Professor Jason Halford and the president of KSSO, Professor Cheol-Young Park. It was a successful and incredibly well-attended session that highlighted how EASO and KSSO, although divided by geography, have the same aims of improving the prevention, treatment, and management of obesity.

The session began with a talk by Professor Yang-Hyun Kim who provided an update on trends in obesity in the Korean population. His talk was based, in part, on incredibly informative and detailed obesity fact sheets produced by KSSO, and it sparked a great deal of interest from the audience. He was followed by Professor Barbara McGowan from the United Kingdom who shared about the Roczen program, which is a digital and medically led intervention for obesity and type 2 diabetes. It was an informative talk that highlighted how the combination of technology and medical care can come together and improve the lives of people living with obesity. The next presentation was by Dr. Jennifer Baker from Denmark

who spoke about how ‘big data’ may contribute to research on obesity. Her talk provided insights into some of the challenges and potential of using these types of data in obesity research. The last talk of the session was by Dr. Moon who presented on how continuous glucose monitoring technology could be used in the management of obesity. His talk raised interesting possibilities for its application in patients post bariatric surgery.

Joint sessions such as this one between EASO and KSSO are important as they facilitate knowledge and experience exchange and foster collaborations, all with the aim of gaining insights into how we can work together to prevent obesity and improve the lives of people living with obesity. 

09:30-11:00 EASO/KSSO Joint Session: Digital Therapeutics and Big Data ROOM: LIFFEY HALL 2

  • Chairs: Jason Halford (UK)
  • Cheol-Young Park (Korea)
  • Current status of obesity in Asian population Y H Kim (Korea)
  • The Roczen programme: a digitally enabled, medically-led intervention for obesity and T2D – outcomes at 1 year B McGowan (UK)
  • How to use Medical Big data for obesity research J Baker (Denmark)
  • Application of the CGM in obesity management program S J Moon (Korea)
  • Discussion

Celebrating our Collaboration

EASO is pleased to support ICOMES 2023, hosted by KSSO, the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity, held in Seoul Korea, 7-9 September 2023. Registration is open and late breaking abstracts are accepted through 10 August 2023:

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