Congratulations to SEEDO on their 30th Anniversary

Congratulations to SEEDO on their 30th Anniversary

EASO congratulates SEEDO, the Spanish National Obesity Society on their 30th anniversary and 18th annual obesity congress, currently underway in Barcelona.

Javier Butragueño Revenga, Felipe Casanueva, Francesco Tinahones, Maria Malagon, Andreea Ciudin and Albert Lecube Torello

The congress kicked off with a “journey through time”, presented by the founders of the society, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of SEEDO; the first congress was also held in Barcelona. The cross-cutting themes in the program include key research and clinical practice presentations across many fields addressing the challenges of treating, learning about, or preventing obesity every day, including doctors from various specialties, dieticians and nutritionists, nurses, psychologists, physical activity professionals, educators and clinical researchers.

The Congress is held November 16 – 18, 2022, with a program that supports understand obesity through numerous themes. The comprehensive program addresses obesity in a cross-cutting way, and includes specialists from various fields who treat, teach, learn about, research or otherwise address obesity every day; doctors from several specialty areas, dieticians and nutritionists, nurses, psychologists, physical activity professionals, educators and clinical researchers and a host of others.

The SEEDO congress brings together the best national researchers and leading international experts in the fields of translational and clinical research and continues the SEEDO collaboration with colleagues from across Latin America. Crucially, EASO and ECPO members and various representatives of associations of patients living with obesity have also joined the congress.

SEEDO President Professor Maria Malagon says

“We are delighted to welcome over 500 scientists, practitioners and people living with obesity to the SEEDO congress in Barcelona, where the Spanish obesity research and practice family comes together. As members of the EASO family we are delighted to welcome our European colleagues including Professor Luca Busetto from Italy, Professor José Silva Nunes from Portugal and Jacqueline Bowman Busatto from Belgium. We also welcome many Latin American colleagues, which shows we are part of a larger family. As our EASO President Jason says “we are better together”. Meeting highlights include a SEEDO march advocating for obesity to be recognised as a chronic relapsing disease, alongside outstanding presentations on the many sides of obesity. The founders of SEEDO are here, celebrating the 30TH anniversary of our society. There are many reasons to celebrate. SEEDO is one of the largest EASO member societies…and we continue to grow. Looking forward to welcoming you all to Malaga for ECO 2025. Hast pronto!”