Bram Jozef Berntzen, Netherlands

Bram Jozef Berntzen, Netherlands

Bram Berntzen is a postdoctoral researcher fascinated by the complexity of obesity etiology, treatment, and prevention. Through his research he aims to improve health at the population level.

Bram is a postdoc at the department of Epidemiology and Data Science in the section of Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Epidemiology at the Amsterdam University Medical Center in the Netherlands. He obtained his PhD degree in Population Health at the Obesity Research Unit at the University of Helsinki (2021) in Finland.

His PhD thesis focused on physical activity, eating behaviors, and sleep in genetically identical adult twin pairs discordant for body mass index (BMI). Afterwards, his research has focused on the genetic risk of obesity, lifestyle behaviors, and 36-year BMI trajectories in twins. Currently, he researches the obesogenic environment and its relation with demographics, lifestyle behaviors, and obesity.

Bram is a member of the EASO Early Career Network board and the Exposome-NL Young Investigator Committee. He is looking forward to networking and collaborating with people interested in obesity across all disciplines and career stages.

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