EASO-Novo Nordisk Foundation New Investigator Awards

Before applying for any of the 4 awards on offer, please read details below and view the links to ensure you meet the award criteria.

EASO is pleased to announce the EASO-Novo Nordisk Foundation New Investigator Awards in Basic Science, Clinical Research, Childhood Obesity and Public Health (4 separate awards). Each of these four Awards is accompanied by a 300.000 DKK research grant. Please note that the grant is for new research, it is not intended to top up existing research.

  • Each winner will be supported to attend and speak at a special award session at the annual EASO ECO Congress.
  • Award winners will be invited to return at the following ECO to present research undertaken via the award grant.

The Awards will be granted based on an application process and the following criteria:

  • Excellence and clear commitment to the chosen area of obesity research. In addition,
  • Recipients will have earned their PhD within the past five years or MD within the past eight years from the application submission deadline date.
  • Recipients must work in a university, hospital or another not-for-profit research institution in Europe throughout the 1-year award period.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday 16 December 2024

The Excellence Prize and New Investigator Awards are a collaboration between the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and the Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF). EASO has established an independent Assessment Committee to review nominations and select successful candidates.  Financial support for the prize comes from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.