2023 OMTF Teaching Course in Opatija, Croatia

2023 OMTF Teaching Course in Opatija, Croatia

EASO was pleased to participate in the first Adriatic Symposium on Obesity and Obesity Management Task Force (OMTF) meeting in Opatija, Croatia 20 – 22 April 2023.

The meeting was organised by professors Davor Stimaç and Sanja Klobuçar from the Croatian Obesity Society. The symposium and the teaching course were addressed to health care professionals delivering primary obesity care. The first lady of the Republic of Croatia, professor Sanja Musiç Milanoviç gave a speech at the gathering focused on “the action plan for obesity in Croatia” during the opening ceremony.

The goal of the symposium and teaching course were to galvanise and integrate primary care providers into the health system for obesity management. A round table was held, with the title “Obesity in our region” which gathered countries within the region to discuss obesity facts in their countries in order to map challenges and opportunities for action. Finally, a Nordic Walking experience was organised by the Croatian Society, providing an opportunity for participants – including EASO President-elect Dr Volkan Yumuk – to participate and enjoy physical activity and extended discussion with colleagues.

EASO president Jason Halford said: “I was delighted to attend and speak at this meeting and hear about all the amazing work taking place across the Adriatic region”.

We look forward to supporting other national and regional EASO Task Force courses.

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