About EASO


EASO considers obesity to be a health, research, and societal priority.  It promotes the study of obesity as well as facilitating and engaging in actions that reduce the burden of unhealthy excess weight in Europe through prevention and management.

The formal objects of EASO as a charity are to:

  • Maximise the public benefit of European scientific research and clinical practice in the field of obesity and its related disorders
  • Promote a multidisciplinary approach to tackling overweight and obesity by engaging all relevant stakeholders within the European obesity community, and by facilitating contact between those stakeholders
  • Understand and communicate that unhealthy excess weight and obesity represent a chronic and serious disease
  • Analyse and communicate the complexity of how to achieve and maintain a healthy bodyweight
  • Understand and communicate that obesity is a gateway to a host of other diseases, including but by no means limited to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, respiratory and joint problems and that if we prevent and manage obesity, we will block a major supply route to these chronic diseases
  • Facilitate and engage in actions that prevent and combat the epidemic of overweight and obesity in Europe

The objectives of EASO are to:

  1. Raise awareness of Obesity as a major public health priority in Europe
  2. Inform and influence European and National policy
  3. Develop, Promote and Deliver education for the prevention and management of overweight and obesity in Europe
  4. Promote, Inform and Engage in European Obesity Research
  5. Disseminate key obesity-related Messages/Evidence-based Guidelines/Developments
  6. Communicate with relevant Internal and External Stakeholders and promote multidisciplinary collaboration
  7. Contribute to the economic growth of Europe by preventing and tackling overweight and obesity

About Us: Membership

EASO now has 31 member associations representing more than 4000 individuals in Europe.  EASO represents an online community of over 15.00 individuals.

Northern Region: Belgium; Denmark; Finland; Germany; Iceland; Ireland; Netherlands; Norway; Russia; Sweden; United Kingdom.
Middle Region: Austria; Croatia; Czech Republic; France; Georgia; Hungary; Poland; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Switzerland.
Southern Region: Bulgaria; Greece; Israel; Italy; Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia; Portugal; Serbia; Spain; Turkey.

About Us: Brief Overview

Established in 1986, EASO is the leading European scientific- and practice-based professional membership association in this field, with networks in over 30 countries. It is in formal relations with the WHO Regional Office for Europe and is an active member of EU Commission initiatives including the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health and the Joint Programing Initiative on Healthy Diet Healthy Lives.  EASO facilitates and engages in actions that prevent and combat the epidemic of obesity.  It contributes to high level European and National scientific consultations, hosts the annual European Congress on Obesity (ECO), has dynamic and active topic specific Task Forces and Working Groups, and coordinates obesity education across Europe.

About Us: The Development of EASO

EASO was established in 1986 as an individual membership association and was originally governed by an Executive Committee and Council (General Assembly).  EASO’s founding bylaws stated that the aims of the Association were ‘to encourage and support research in the field of obesity and related fundamental and clinical investigations, the rapid diffusion of acquired knowledge and to facilitate its application.  The membership embraces all those with biomedical and scientific qualifications.  It plans to hold scientific meetings in Europe and study groups as appropriate’.

About Us: A Brief History of EASO

The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) was established as an individual membership association

EASO was registered as a non-profit organisation in Paris, France

EASO introduced awards for scientific excellence:

  • the Friedrich Wassermann Award for senior scientists demonstrating a long standing contribution to the field
  • the New Investigator Awards for Basic Science, Clinical Research and Public Health – aimed at  rising stars in Europe

The EASO General Council fundamentally amended the EASO bylaws, changing it from an individual member association to a country member association (similar to a federation)

EASO established three scientific Task Forces on

  • Childhood Obesity (COTF)
  • Obesity Management (OMTF)
  • Prevention and Public Health (PPHTF)

EASO, through its Obesity Management Task Force, published guidelines on ‘Management of Obesity in Adults: Project for European Primary Care’

EASO was registered as a charity in the UK (England & Wales).  The General Council also agreed to divide EASO into three regions (North, Middle, South) and appointed three Regional Vice Presidents to the Executive Committee
EASO joined the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health
EASO established its new Investigators United (NIU) Network

Obesity Facts, the official organ of EASO, was launched

EASO, through its OMTF and in collaboration with the IFSO European Chapter, published guidelines ‘Interdisciplinary European Guidelines on Surgery of Severe Obesity’

EASO, through its OMTF, published a revision of its guidelines on ‘Management of Obesity in Adults: Project for European Primary Care’

EASO established its own Administrative Office
EASO established a Scientific Advisory Board
EASO established the Björntorp Symposia Series

EASO established a Communications and Fundraising Committee (CFC)
EASO conducted its first Strategic Review and developed its 2010–2012 Strategic Plan
EASO, through its COTF, published a ‘practical tips paper’ on the ‘Evaluation of the Overweight/Obese Child – Practical Tips for the Primary Health Care Provider’

EASO entered into formal relations with the WHO Regional Office for Europe
EASO established a Network of Collaborating Centres for Obesity Management (COMs)
EASO established, in collaboration with IFSO-EC, the European Obesity Medico-Surgical Workshop

EASO organised the ‘European Obesity Research Conference’, hosted by the EU Commission
EASO became a member of the JPI-HDHL Stakeholder Advisory Board (SHAB)

About US: Why is EASO important?

  • EASO connects the leading obesity specialists in Europe.  As a dynamic and active biomedical association, EASO has strong networks in over 30 countries across Europe and plays a major role in the most relevant European obesity projects
  • EASO delivers education through its Task Forces – which organise educational activities throughout the region and develop scientific guidelines on a number of important topics
  • EASO supports and develops research through its Scientific Advisory Board and via its participation in several EU funded research projects
  • EASO is improves the standard of education and management in Europe through its Collaborating Centres for Obesity Management network, management guidelines, educational courses and scientific exchange programmes
  • EASO informs and collaborates with a range of stakeholders across Europe, including the EU Commission and the WHO Regional Office for Europe,  to improve and emphasise the understanding that overweight and obesity are major European health issues
  • EASO develops the scientists of the future through its Awards for Scientific Excellence and New Investigators United programme
  • EASO engages the patient community via its European Obesity Patient Council

About Us: What does EASO bring to Stakeholders in Europe?

  •  Relevance

EASO is an active Association with a wide network of experts throughout Europe. EASO can provide a direct link between industry and leading researchers, clinicians and cutting edge obesity projects in the region

  •  Credibility

Via its membership, EASO represents over 4000 individuals and over 15000 virtual members in Europe – many are leaders in obesity research and management, and experts in related fields

  • Efficiency

The EASO Secretariat is flexible and able to respond to stakeholders needs – because it is a key partner in many European obesity projects and because it has direct access to Europe’s leading obesity experts

  •  Exposure

EASO offers optimal exposure via its National Member Associations, the EASO website and e-bulletin system (>15,500 users), through collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders and leading New Investigators and via the annual ECO.