EASO is an action driven association with projects developed in order to meet our charitable objectives, which are to:

  • Raise awareness of Obesity as a major health priority in Europe
  • Develop, Promote and Deliver education for the prevention and management of overweight and obesity in Europe
  • Promote, Inform and Engage in European Obesity Research
  • Disseminate key obesity-related Messages/Evidence-based Guidelines/Developments
  • Communicate with relevant Internal and External Stakeholders and promote multidisciplinary collaboration

EASO only develops projects that meet these objectives and that are designed to have an impact on the patient, scientific and medical communities of Europe. They are ambitious and important and are achieved through collaboration with partners that share our strategic vision and promote a multi-stakeholder approach. EASO only partners with organisations that demonstrate a clear commitment to addressing the challenge of obesity in Europe and to helping EASO achieve its charitable objectives. EASO only accepts funding for specific projects and is currently engaged in project partnerships with Danone Research; Covidien, a Medtronic Company; and Novo Nordisk. All partnerships are governed by EASO’s Partnership Guidelines.

Why is EASO important?

  • EASO connects the leading obesity specialists in Europe. As a dynamic and active biomedical association, EASO has strong networks in over 30 countries across Europe and plays a major role in the most relevant European obesity projects.
  • EASO delivers education in Europe through its Task Forces and COMs network, in the form of workshops, symposia, training courses, position statements and guidelines.
  • EASO improves the standard of obesity management in Europe through its Collaborating Centres for Obesity Management network, and via management guidelines, educational courses and scientific exchange programmes.
  • EASO supports and develops research through its Scientific Advisory Board and via its participation in several EU funded research projects.
  • EASO informs and collaborates with a range of stakeholders across Europe, including the EU Commission and the WHO Regional Office for Europe, to improve and emphasise the understanding that overweight and obesity are major European health issues.
  • EASO develops the scientists of the future through its Awards for Scientific Excellence and New Investigators United programme.
  • EASO engages and represents the patient community via its European Obesity Patient Council.