The EASO Summer School, Training Trainers in the Prevention and Management of Obesity

In order to facilitate a greater and wider understanding of clinical management and public health interventions, EASO hosts an annual ‘Train the Trainer’ teaching school.

The course delivers intensive, practical high level multidisciplinary training in the treatment and prevention of obesity, in order to develop national experts and advocates. Delivered by recognised KOLs, this 2-3 day training course will increase the knowledge and competencies of participants, providing them with the skills and tools to develop and implement interventions that treat and prevent obesity at the local and regional level. EASO’s Task Forces and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) develop course programmes and materials, with input from the EASO Patient Council so that courses include relevant content on patient led approaches, patient conversations, and weight management success.

EASO Summer School 2019
Les Pensières at Fondation Mérieux. Annecy, France: 1 - 5 July 2019