SEEDO 2023

SEEDO 2023

Between November 22 - 25 2023, Seville hosted the XIX SEEDO National Congress, a major Spanish event in the field of obesity research and treatment. This congress brought together over 600 professionals, including endocrinologists, pediatricians, family doctors, nurses, nutritionists-dieticians, psychologists, and experts across various fields, all dedicated to health, prevention, and treatment of obesity-related issues.

Their aim was to address stigma and propose a new multidisciplinary model for obesity prevention and care. The congress saw the unveiling of the “Spanish Guide to the Comprehensive and Multidisciplinary Management of Obesity in Adults” (GIRO), a collaborative effort involving 13 national societies.

The congress highlighted the latest advancements in research and introduced new pharmacological treatments revolutionizing obesity care. It served as a platform for sharing experiences and solutions between national and international experts, particularly from Latin America, emphasizing the role of the Spanish Obesity Society in the global context. The event provided a balanced mix of clinical and translational research presentations, fostering communication and collaboration among all participants.

A notable aspect of the congress was the element of advocacy. This included the “2nd Demonstration in favor of people with obesity” held on Paseo de Colón in Seville, and the inaugural “SEEDO Health Experience” gala, aimed at empowering individuals living with obesity. Symbolically, an olive tree was planted as a testament to this first gala, co-organized with patient representatives.

The SEEDO congress in Seville, the largest annual event in Spain focusing exclusively on obesity and its complications, encapsulated its focus in the phrase: “From stigma and undervaluation to the pharmacological revolution, partnership with the people living with obesity and the multidisciplinary personalized approach to a disease called obesity.” This event underscored the commitment to ‘changing history’ and giving a new direction (a “turn” or “GIRO” in Spanish) in managing this disease.

Dr Andreea Ciudin Mihai, SEEDO