Practical Guide for GPs in Obesity Management

Practical Guide for GPs in Obesity Management

In advance of European Obesity Day and the European Congress on Obesity, Dr Dominique Durrer, Clinician and member of the EASO Patient Council, has shared developed this guide, providing a visual and practical tool for clinicians in Europe and beyond.

Practical Guide for GPs in Obesity Management

Interview with author Dr Durrer

We are pleased to share an interview with the author.

Dr Durrer, it is lovely to speak with you. EASO has recently published your booklet guide for GPs on obesity patient management. Can you tell us about the inspiration for developing this tool?

The story began last year after the ECO 2017 in Porto. I had the opportunity to discuss and to provide continuing education in patient education and Motivational Interviewing to a group of GPs in Switzerloand and also in other European countries. Most of the GPs told me that educational tools on obesity management in primary care were missing from their clinical toolbox. I decided first to develop some practical slides on the topic. Then, along with Prof Yves Schutz, decided to write an article on practical and patient-centred guidelines on obesity management in primary care along with other GPs and members of the Obesity Management Task Force (OMTF). This article has been submitted to the journal Obesity Facts.

We then developped a short illustrated version in leaflet format based on the article. It seemed appropriate GPs in a busy clinical practice have very little time and need concise information summarised in a booklet.

The booklet was mentioned at ECO2018. Can you describe its potential uses?

This tool can help GPs to manage patients with obesity and highlights the importance of avoiding stigmatisation, of the importance of communication using motivational interviewing and of patient education. But it could also be interesting for other relevant health professionals such as nutritionists & dieticians, psychologists, specialists in physical activity, nurses and others.

How has the booklet been received across Europe to date?

I am pleased to report that both the article and the booklet have been endorsed by first the Steering Committee of the European Union of GPs (UEMO) and also by the General Assembly of UEMO.

Can you tell us more about the companion scientific article forthcoming in Obesity Facts, the European Journal of Obesity?

It has been submitted to the Journal and we await further notification. Stay tuned!