NoHoW Project Newsletter: June 2017

NoHoW Project Newsletter: June 2017

Learning more about weight management

One of the key challenges in helping people with weight maintenance is understanding what they think about weight loss, how they lose weight and what support they need to maintain their weight loss in the long term. There isn’t much solid scientific evidence available, so one of the first tasks in NoHoW was to carry out a large, population-based survey. Read more on the NoHow website

We’re currently working on a longitudinal survey of 3,000 successful weight maintainers, recruited from Slimming World, who are a partner on the NoHoW project. In this survey, we’ll use members’ weight loss history and their survey responses over the course of a year to learn more about long-term weight maintenance. The results of this survey will help us to interpret the results of the NoHoW trial.

Building the NoHoW Toolkit

To build the Toolkit, the team gathered together the best scientific evidence from the literature and developed a programme for weight management, targeted towards people who have already lost weight and want to learn how to maintain their weight loss. The web-based Toolkit includes educational content and allows users to track their weight, physical activity and sleep using self-tracking technologies (activity trackers, smart scales).

Read more about the Toolkit


Testing the Toolkit

Now that the NoHoW Toolkit is fully developed, we are recruiting participants in the UK, Denmark and Portugal to test it out. We are looking for adults who have lost at least 5% of their body weight in the last 12 months, and are still below their highest weight.
Participants will be given access to the NoHoW Toolkit to help them learn how to maintain their weight loss. They will be asked to weigh themselves at least twice weekly and wear an activity tracker.

To learn more about the trial, visit our recruiting websites for the UK, Denmark and Portugal




NoHow at ECO 2017

NoHoW hosted a very successful symposium ‘Developing and designing evidence-based digital tools for weight loss maintenance: the Horizon-2020 NoHoW project’ at the 24th European Congress on Obesity (ECO2017) in Porto, Portugal (17 – 20 May 2017).

Read more about the NoHoW Team at ECO2017



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