NIU: WHO Europe Internship Placement Opportunities

NIU: WHO Europe Internship Placement Opportunities
The European Association for the Study of Obesity is in formal relations with the World Health Organisation. The EASO NIU Network encourages interested colleagues to apply for WHO Europe Internship placements and the Junior Professional Officer Programme. The Junior professional Officer (JPO) programme provides professionals at an early stage in their career with practical experience in multilateral technical cooperation. Internships are not paid but JPO participants may be sponsored by your government; please check details in the link below.   The aims of the internship programme are to: 
  • provide a framework for assigning postgraduate students from diverse academic backgrounds to WHO programmes that can enhance their educational experience through practical assignments 
  • expose students to the work of WHO
  • provide WHO programmes with input from students specializing in various fields. Most students are placed in health-related programmes 

The duration of WHO internships is between six to twenty four weeks depending on the needs of the WHO technical unit and the intern’s availability. WHO internships are not paid and all costs of travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the candidate. For more information and to apply please see:  and