Niamh Arthurs

Niamh Arthurs

Niamh Arthurs is a Registered Dietitian and Researcher with a deep-rooted passion for helping individuals and families affected by obesity.

Niamh began her career working in public health creating and delivering nutrition education programmes to preschools, primary schools and secondary schools. She also worked with various stakeholders in the delivery of health promotion and nutrition education at events and festivals and to community groups and in workplaces. Niamh currently works as a Registered Dietitian in Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital. Being a committee member of the Association for the Study of Obesity on the Island of Ireland (ASOI:, fuels Niamh’s motivation and commitment to make positive contributions to those affected by obesity.

Niamh is also a member of The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) University of Medicine and Health Sciences Obesity Care and Research Group ( and is keen to contribute to obesity research, in order to enable improvements in healthcare and service development for all individuals affected by obesity. Niamh regularly speaks on the radio and writes articles for various newspapers and publications. Niamh is also very passionate about the Irish language: Gaeilge.

Further details on Niamh Arthurs’ skills, experience and expertise can be seen on her professional profile at: ORCID iD, and on twitter @BiaBites.