Newsletter Autumn 2019

Newsletter Autumn 2019

Get involved with #ECOICO2020 - symposium suggestions close 30th November. The abstract submission process is open through 26 January 2020.

Our 2020 congress presents an excellent opportunity to share your work with your professional community. See full details on the European and International Congress on Obesity website.

Apply now for EASO Awards for Scientific Excellence, which will be presented at ECOICO2020

  • New Investigator Awards in Basic Science; Clinical Research; Public Health; and Childhood Obesity Research
  • New Investigators United Best Thesis Award and
  • EASO Travel Grants

Please join the EASO New Investigator Network

Visit the ECOICO2020 website to contribute to the scientific programme and the EASO website to find out more about EASO Scientific Awards.

Save the Date!

World Obesity Day LogoEASO Joins Global Organisations in Announcing the new World Obesity Day 4th March 2020

Many colleagues and friends in Europe have joined us in previous efforts to support World Obesity Day. In 2020, our European campaign joins with organisations across the world to support a unified day. Please note the change of date!

The new World Obesity Day is a global campaign engaging regional and national campaigns, and local activities and events. Organisations around the world will acknowledge and celebrate unified efforts on 4th March 2020. Together, we can change the narrative around obesity, read more.

Save the date – 4th March 2020 – and share the message about the new World Obesity Day.

Save the Date!

EASO Policy Conference 2020

The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) invites you to attend our annual conference, held on World Obesity Day.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020
10:00 – 17:00
Renaissance Hotel
Brussels, Belgium

This high-level conference focuses on the European obesity epidemic and the crucial role and impact of prevention and treatment.

The event will be chaired by John Bowis, former UK Minister of Health and former MEP and MP. Speakers and participants will include representatives from the EU Institutions, OECD, WHO, Member States, academia, healthcare professionals, disease and therapeutic associations, and patients.

Read more.


European policy impacting obesity is a priority of EASO. The policy year culminates in an annual Europe-wide high level policy conference. KOLs in our Public HealthTask Force, Obesity Management Task Force and Childhood Obesity Task Force issue position papers and guidance on key issues in policy that impact obesity.

VeniceObesity now recognised as a chronic disease in Italy

Congratulations to our colleagues in Italy on gaining official parliamentary recognition of obesity as a chronic disease.


Read more.

Organised by European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO)Obesity in Europe: what if obesity was approached like any other chronic disease

EASO was please to host a unique session at European Health Forum Gastein 2-4 October 2019 in Bad Hofgastein Austria. The theme for EHFG 2019 was ‘A healthy dose of disruption: Transformative change for health and societal wellbeing.

Read more.

DSAF LogoDSAF annual meeting

The Danish Association for the Study on Obesity (DSAF) was held on
15-16 November 2019 in Nyborg, Denmark.


Read more.

Education and Advocacy

EASO develops high quality education and training resources for clinicians and HCPs working in obesity treatment and care. Educational tools include an open access eTraining platform in multiple languages, guidelines, slides decks, webcasts and standardised course content.

Misalignment between perception reality and actions in obesityMisalignment between perception, reality and actions in obesity

Despite increased recognition as a chronic disease, obesity remains greatly under-diagnosed and under-treated

The ACTION IO study, the primary manuscript of which is in the link below, identified international perceptions, attitudes, behaviours and barriers to effective obesity care for people with obesity (PwO) and healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Watch the video and read the research paper

NOCW2019 Champion - Everyone should have access to their healthcareEASO joins national obesity care week 2019 to support access to care for everyone with obesity

Today, more than 93 million adult Americans are living with obesity. Many do not know obesity is a disease and that their healthcare provider can help them with weight-loss and maintenance. Others do not have insurance coverage to help them pay for these healthcare options.

Read more.

European Nutrition Conference

European nutrition conference

Speakers included Dr Joao Breda (WHO), Professor Ellen Blaak, Professor Jason Halford, Professor Arne Astrup, and Professor Susan Jebb.


Read more.

Heavy burden of obesity: the economics of prevention (OECD)Heavy Burden of Obesity - Launch - SAVE THE DATE

Read more.

Jenny Vinglid performs a lectureZero tolerance for obesity stigma campaign: video launched by Hobs Sweden

EASO congratulates HOBS, the Swedish patient focused obesity association, on the launch of a new film in conjunction with their important campaign Zero Tolerance for Weight Stigma.

Read more and watch the video

COMs Exchange FlyerCOMs exchange and mentoring programme

The COM’s Exchange and Mentoring Programme will provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and tools required to establish and run new multi-disciplinary treatment centres.

Read more.

EASO certification in obesity management

EASO National and European Fellows are certified physicians and HCPs who have undertaken training in a medical specialty relevant to obesity management.

Read more and apply.


EASO facilitates and supports research dissemination via participation in research projects,
by creating platforms for research presentations and by convening our Scientific Advisory
Board to address key research questions and develop recommendations.

Oseberg Study GraphsOseberg study: new research identifies bariatric surgery approaches to remission of t2 diabetes

Important new research from Norway has been published by a team which includes EASO VP, Northern Region Joran Hjelmeseth. We are pleased to speak with Joran Hjelmeseth about the Osberg study.

Read more.


Dr. Amos LaarA conversation with Dr. Amos Laar: food policies and obesity-related projects

Very pleased to meet you, Dr. Laar and thank you for sharing your work with ECO/ICO2020 delegates. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work in NCDs? “I am a Senior Lecturer of the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana, and President of the African Nutrition Society.”

Read more.

Paulina MetelskaEASO COMs summit 2019: meet host Paulina Metelska, Gdansk, Poland

EASO was pleased to hold the 2019 Collaborating Centres for Obesity Management (COMs) Summit in Gdansk Poland. Over 100 colleagues from across Europe and beyond joined us 10-11 October for an excellent clinical and scientific programme, led by a top invited faculty.

Read more.

Emanuel CanforaEASO spotlight interview: Emanuel Canfora

EASO was pleased to interview New Investigators United (NIU) Board member Emanuel Canfora about his recent research that led earned the 2019 EASO prize in basic science.

Read more.

Anamaria ColaoMeet professor Anamaria Colao, new unesco chairperson on health education and sustainable development

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. UNESCO programmes contribute to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.

Read more.


PROTEIN project LogoProtein is a research initiative led by a consortium of European public- and private- sector organisations using AI to promote health and wellbeing

Learn more about the PROTEIN approach to providing personalised nutrition and physical activity support.

Read the recent project newsletter and visit the PROTEIN Project website.

The role of alternate sweeteners in calorie reduction and diabetes management

EASO is a partner in EU H2020 project SWEET, which was discussed as part of the 13th European Nutrition Conference (FENS 2019), held from 15th to 18th October in Dublin (Ireland), read more.

Read more on the SWEET website

No How LogoNoHoW research in weight loss maintenance

Learn more about the NoHoW Project and evidence-based tools for weight loss maintenance.

Read the recent newsletter and visit the NoHoW website