Newsletter April 2022

Newsletter April 2022


We look forward to hosting you at our 29th annual congress in Maastricht 4-7 May 2022. This hybrid event will offer both in-person and online participation options. We are pleased to host this meeting jointly with IFSO-EC.

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11-15th July Annecy, France

Applications are being accepted for the no-fee in-person EASO Masterclass in the Prevention and Management of Obesity.

This highly regarded residential training course is available to a limited number of applicants. Applications are invited from HCPs and PCPs from European countries, identified via a competitive application process. Applicants are expected to:

  • Hold a Masters/PhD degree and/or
  • Have 3-5 years of relevant practical experience and/or
  • Be PCPs who see obesity in their practice

Priority will be given to applicants who are members of their EASO affiliated National Associations.

Application Deadline 29th April Apply Now


  • EASO Award for The Best National Training Programme
  • ECPO Award for The Best Patient Engagement Programme
  • ECPO Award for The Best Public Engagement Programme
  • EASO Award for The Best Collaborative Project

Application deadline 2nd May, 2022 – Apply now

Award Categories

EASO Award for The Best National Training Programme
In recognition of excellence for obesity management training organised in Europe. It may have been conducted nationally, regionally, or locally and may be awarded to organisations or individuals.

ECPO Award for The Best Patient Engagement Programme
For the best engagement with patients with obesity in Europe. This could include supporting patients who have obesity or providing help and information for those who are recovering from the disease. Open to European patient organisations, support groups, members of the medical profession and individuals.

ECPO Award for The Best Public Engagement Programme
In recognition of awareness and information building about obesity and its treatment. Such engagement could include, for example, a traditional or social media campaign, or the organisation of a public event in conjunction with World Obesity Day in Europe.

EASO Award for The Best Collaborative Project
For the best collaborative approach to promoting World Obesity Day Europe. Have you held an excellent event in conjunction with other partners for example? Or have you found another novel way of collaborating with others to draw attention to and promote this very important day in the obesity calendar?

The Ascend Global Obesity Training Programme

9-13th May, 2022 Barcelona, Spain

The Academy for Science and Continuing Education in Diabetes and Obesity (ASCEND) is a CME-accredited programme designed to improve the care of people with diabetes and obesity worldwide. Led by a respected international faculty, ASCEND provides practical, independent content about diabetes and weight management for medical practitioners.

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European Public Health Week

16-20th May

EASO is pleased to support European Public Health Week, 16-20 May 2022. The theme of this annual event is Health Throughout the Life Course.

Learning from others’ experiences across countries, promoting public health and sharing credible information is more important now than ever. Interested organisations, institutions and organisations, health professionals, and patients are all are invited to organise events.

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“Obesity should be defined by a person’s health – not just their weight”

The Canadian Obesity Society recently published comprehensive new Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Obesity (CPG), which EASO has now officially endorsed.

The CPG provides an evidence and experience based and patient centred framework for health professionals, patients and policymakers.

Download the CPG here

  • Obesity is a prevalent, complex, progressive and relapsing chronic disease, characterized by abnormal or excessive body fat (adiposity), that impairs health.
  • People living with obesity face substantial bias and stigma, which contribute to increased morbidity and mortality independent of weight or body mass index.
  • This guideline update reflects substantial advances in the epidemiology, determinants, pathophysiology, assessment, prevention and treatment of obesity, and shifts the focus of obesity management toward improving patient-centred health outcomes, rather than weight loss alone.
  • Obesity care should be based on evidence-based principles of chronic disease management, must validate patients’ lived experiences, move beyond simplistic approaches of “eat less, move more,” and address the root drivers of obesity.
  • People living with obesity should have access to evidence-informed interventions, including medical nutrition therapy, physical activity, psychological interventions, pharmacotherapy and surgery.

The Challenges of Obesity in the UK: New RCP Video

11th National Turkish Obesity Congress: Izmir

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Obesity clinic self-assessment available in six languages Here

The self-assessment checklist, detailing both competencies and equipment, can help identify the level of your clinic or service as you plan a new clinic or further develop an existing clinic. 🇬🇧🇪🇸🇩🇪🇫🇷🇵🇹🇯🇵

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Congratulations to the EASO Early Career Award Winners!

We look forward to sharing their research with you soon.

Elif Inan-Eroglu – Public Health 🇩🇪🇹🇷
Andrea Izquierdo – Basic Science 🇪🇸
Jonas Salling Quist – Clinical/Research 🇩🇰
Mohammed Hudda – Childhood Obesity 🇬🇧

Congratulations to the EASO 2022 Best Thesis Award finalists

Rebecca Jones 🇬🇧
Maja Bramming 🇩🇰
Louise Tully 🇮🇪

Join us for the EASO Award Presentations at #ECO2022 in Maastricht on Friday 6 May 2022