New Investigator PhD Opportunity in Epidemiology and Public Health

New Investigator PhD Opportunity in Epidemiology and Public Health

EASO is pleased to announce a funded, English language doctoral training and research opportunity in Finland for epidemiologists, researchers and public health students available to colleagues worldwide. The Health Sciences Unit in Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University, Finland is inviting applications from qualified candidates to its International Doctoral Programme in Epidemiology and Public Health, (IPPE).

The main objectives of the IPPE Programme are to increase knowledge and understanding of major public health problems, particularly in low and middle income countries, and to build sustainable public health capacity in these countries by working with global partners in the field. IPPE trains epidemiologists and public health personnel for leadership positions in research, administration, program planning and policy development. To date, nearly 70 students have graduated from the Programme with a PhD.

The IPPE programme has a strong emphasis on prevention and control of infectious diseases, epidemics and pandemics; evaluation of vaccination program impact, and public health practice. Prevention of cancer and non-communicable diseases, epidemiology of diabetes, allergy and asthma are also the focus of the Department of Epidemiology. In addition, we welcome applications with research topics in all fields represented in the Health Sciences.

Selected PhD candidates will attend Tampere University, Finland during the 2021-2022 academic year (August-May) to complete the required coursework and prepare a comprehensive research plan for their PhD thesis work. Generally, the bulk of field research is generally conducted after completion of coursework and the students have the option of working in their own country, or in Finland. In addition to the coursework, completing the PhD dissertation requires at least three published original research papers in international peer-reviewed journals and usually takes a total of 4 years.

The working language is English and all instruction is conducted in English. Currently, no tuition or course fees are charged for doctoral students accepted in the IPPE Programme.The Programme is open to all qualified candidates and there are no geographic or nationality eligibility restrictions. Priority may be given to applicants who are already working on a research project that can be used as material for their PhD thesis, or those who have an available dataset and a feasible research plan.

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