Marching in pink

Marching in pink

Breast cancer awareness march Prague, Czech Republic June 9, 2018

On Saturday June 9, the city of Prague, capitol of the Czech Republic, was draped in pink. There was An Avon pochod, breast cancer awareness march took place for the incredible 18th year in a row.

 Breast cancer can develop because of various causes. It is important to note here that there is a strong correlation between this disease and obesity – as recognised  by the World Health Organisation. In the Czech Republic, breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. There are about 7,000 new patients every year.

There is no 100% guarantee to prevent this disease, that we know. But we also know that obesity is one of the risk factors for developing breast cancer. And we also know that there is a very good chance of recovery and return to health if the disease is diagnosed in the early stages.

“Pink march“ is a charitable event raising money for breast cancer treatment. The “admission ticket“ for this march, is the famous pink T-shirt sold for money. This year, the sum collected by the sale of these shirts surpassed 7.5 million CZK  — 290,000 EUR. There were some 20,000 people marching in Prague in 2018. Money collected at this event, will help to buy new mammogram equipment and may also be used to help finance support programmes and treatment for breast cancer patients.

Alexandra Fraisova