Lisa Heggie

Lisa Heggie

Lisa Heggie is a 2nd year PhD student with an interest in supporting people living with obesity by doing research with relevance for public health. Lisa is currently part of University College London’s Obesity Research Group and previously completed a master’s degree in Human Nutrition (specialising in Obesity and Weight Management).

Lisa’s research initially focussed on adult behavioural weight management interventions delivered in the United Kingdom. This work aimed to improve clinical practice by supporting investigations into which intervention components work best, and for who. In 2020, Lisa joined the Gemini study team where she now contributes to the management of this large, population-based cohort study of twins born in England and Wales. Gemini was established in 2007 to investigate the genetic and environmental influences on early life growth and eating behaviour.

Lisa’s PhD is funded by the SWEET Consortium, a large EU initiative of researchers investigating the use of non-nutritive sweeteners to support health. As part of this wider consortium, Lisa’s research is examining free sugar and non-nutritive sweetener intake in early childhood and relationships with growth and dietary preferences in later childhood/adolescence. Having contributed to establishing SWEET’s New Investigators Group, which aims to facilitate networking and build academic support between SWEET members, Lisa is excited to connect with other early career researchers across all obesity research disciplines. With a background in sport science, Lisa also has a keen interest in physical activity research (and is a three-time National Champion cheerleader).

Lisa is delighted to be a board member of EASO’s Early Career Network and looks forward to our future networking activities and collaborating with the Network’s members.

Updates on Lisa’s research can be followed on Twitter (@LisaaHeggie), Google Scholar or ORCID.