Yves Schutz

Yves Schutz
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Yves Schutz is Associate Professor of Physiology and Nutrition at the University of Lausanne and, since 2012, invited Honorary Professor at the University of Fribourg (Dept. of integrative Physiology).
His academic training started with a diploma course in Human Nutrition at the University of Cambridge, followed by a Master’s degree in Public Health at the United Nation University (WHO, Guatemala) and was achieved  with a PhD in Physiology & Nutrition at the University of California in Berkeley.
He then joined the Dept. of Physiology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Lausanne.
His research interests focuses on human energy metabolism in particular adaptive physiological processes in the control of body weight and body composition as well as physical activity profiles assessment in humans under free-living conditions using a combination of non invasive, insconspicuous bio-sensors (3D accelerometry), combined with Global Satellite Positionning Systems, (American GPS or Russian Glonass).

He is the author of more than 300 scientific articles, author (or co-author) of several chapters on energy metabolism and energy expenditure in American & British textbooks of Obesity and Human Nutrition. He published as co-author 3 academic, well illustrated texts for medics (in French) on “”Obesity primer tools for GP’s”” in 1998, on “”Adolescents Obesity prevention”” in 2010 and “”Practical tools for Behavioural modification”” in 2014.

Over the years, he has been member of numerous panels and National & European Advisory Committees and Board on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity. He has been President of the Swiss Association for the study of Obesity for more than 2 decades, as well as Swiss Nutrition Research Society.