#ECO2021 Award Application and Abstract Submission Deadlines

#ECO2021 Award Application and Abstract Submission Deadlines

Thanks again to our faculty, organisers, sponsors, National Associations, COMs, friends, and colleagues from around the globe. 3000+ delegates joined us during 4 days for over 250 virtual presentations in 77 congress sessions at #ECOICO2020.

The 28th annual European Congress on Obesity, #ECO2021, will be held online 10-13 May 2021. We are grateful to our Spanish colleagues, who have been instrumental in developing the interactive 2021 programme. Our virtual congress will offer excellent scientific and clinical learning opportunities.

Programme themes include basic science, childhood and adolescent obesity, behavioural health, public health, and clinical intervention and management in obesity across the life-course.

More information is available on the ECO2021 website.

NIU Award Application Deadline is 28th February 2021

EASO offers several prestigious awards for scientific excellence at #ECO2021. Early career professionals are invited to join the New Investigator United Network and to apply for awards in Basic Science, Clinical Research, Public Health and Childhood Obesity Research.

The Friedrich Wassermann Award recognises outstanding and sustained scientific contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the field of obesity.

The application deadline for awards is February 28, 2021

#ECO2021 Abstract Submission Deadline is 12th March 2020


The submission deadline for #ECO2021 late-breaking abstracts is Friday, 12th March 2021. Submit and share your work with the global obesity community. See full details on the #ECO2021 website.

Remember to use person-first language in your abstract submission.