EASO Newsletter January 2018

EASO Newsletter January 2018

ECO2018: Early registration is open!

Early registration for #ECO2018 in Vienna is open through 5 March 2018. Discount registration fees apply for early birds! Accommodation booking is also open; we have secured hotel rooms in the vicinity of the congress centre at competitive rates for you. Accommodation can be booked as part of the online registration process and we recommend booking early. Spread the word within your professional community – join the largest obesity focused congress in Europe. We look forward to greeting you in Vienna.

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Improving Post-Bariatric Treatment and Care in Europe

EASO is pleased to interview Professor Luca Busetto, associate professor of Internal Medicine at University of Padova in Italy. Dr Busetto is co-chair of the EASO Obesity Management Task Force (OMTF).

“…in this position statement we tried to put all the components together into a single paper. Thus our multidisciplinary writing group, composed of distinguished experts across the various thematic specialties, worked to convey basic information about nutrition, management of co-morbidities, pregnancy, psychological issues as well as weight regain prevention and management.”

Read the full interview

Obesity Facts 10 Years

EASO is pleased to share the new OMTF guidelines Practical Recommendations of the Obesity Management Task Force of the European Association for the Study of Obesity for Post-Bariatric Surgery Medical Management.

These guidelines are now published online and available open access in Obesity Facts, The European Journal of Obesity.

Magdalena GajdaPolish Patient Council representative Magdalena Gadja receives prestigious international award

Magdalena Gajda, the Volunteer Ombudswoman of People with Obesity Disease and Founder and President of the OD-WAGA Foundation for People with Obesity Disease, has become the first Polish honoree of the international award LIVE ON. GIVE ON. The Bakken Invitation Award recognizes patients who, with the help of medical technology, have overcome health challenges, and use their “extra life” to give back through volunteerism and community service.

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Dr Arya Sharma on Training General Practice Physicians (GPs) in Obesity Management and Care

Given our increasing understanding of the complex neurobiology of obesity and recent progress in treatment options, which include medication and bariatric surgery, it is essential that practitioners educate themselves on the best obesity management strategies.

Read the full interview, and explore the Obesity Knowledge Transfer Series

Maria LugerEASO Review Confirms Link between Sugar-sweetened Drinks and Obesity in Children and Adults

We spoke with Dr. Maria Luger, the principle author of a new review of the latest evidence on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) – which includes 30 new studies published between 2013 and 2015 – and concludes that frequent SSB consumption is associated with overweight and obesity, and that countries that have not already done so should take action to reduce the consumption of the so-called ’empty calories’ these drinks contain.

Read the full interview

EASO supports the position of UK ASO opposing discrimination against people with obesity.

Read the full position statement

Obesity KTSObesity Knowledge Transfer Series: Free EASO Obesity Resource for Clinicians

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our Obesity Knowledge Transfer Series (Obesity KTS), developed in partnership with mdBriefCase Group – a leading global provider of accredited, online education for healthcare professionals. These resources provide a comprehensive array of online resources, covering a global approach to obesity, tailored to meet the local needs in European countries. Our multilingual obesity KTS resources are available free at the point of access, and are now available in Italian, Norwegian, and Finnish.

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European Obesity Day Awards


Win a trip to #ECO2018 in Vienna to receive your trophy, enter now

The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) is pleased to announce a new awards programme for activities held in conjunction with European Obesity Day (EOD).

Learn more on the EOD website

Become a Part of the EASO New Investigators United Consortium

EASO New Investigators United was established in 2005 and acts as an informal community for new investigators to collaborate on projects and to share experiences and expertise. The NIU initiative combines an online community with an annual event at the ECO, where new investigators have an opportunity to meet, interact and share ideas with colleagues from around the world.

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Obesity Facts 10 Years

We are pleased to announce that volume 10 issue 6 of OBESITY FACTS (OFA), is now available online.

View the issue on the OFA website

Proposal to Improve the ICD-11 Diagnostic Criteria for Obesity

A formal proposal by the European Association for the Study of Obesity to improve the ICD-11 diagnostic criteria for obesity has been issued. The recommendation is based on three dimensions: etiology, degree of adiposity and health risk.

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** ECO2018: Accommodation Scam Alert **

If you are contacted by any other company or agency offering housing for ECO 2018 in Vienna, please note that these companies are not authorised to represent the ECO 2018 in any way, nor do they have access to the officially contracted ECO 2018 room blocks and rates.

For more information visit the conference website

Italian Consensus Statement on Childhood Obesity

EASO is pleased to share our interview with Professor Maffeis, Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Verona speaking on the new Italian Consensus Statement on childhood obesity. In addition to directing the Pediatric Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders Unit at the Regional Center for Pediatric Diabetes at University Hospital, Dr Maffeis is President-elect of the Italian Society of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology (ISPED).

Read the interview

EASO Education: Addressing Adult Obesity Myths

Many common myths and dogmas undermine the successful management of obesity. In society and within the healthcare system, these myths contribute to a culture in which people are prone to make assumptions about the values or the lifestyles of individuals who have obesity.

mdBriefCase Group has been the trusted source of accredited online continuing professional development (CPD) programs for healthcare practitioners since 2001. Programme registration and participation is completely FREE.

Register today on the mdBriefCase website

Obesity Media Masterclass: Reporting Obesity

Videos from our ECO2017 Obesity Media Masterclass in Porto are available to view online. We were fortunate to have Sarah Boseley, Health Editor of The Guardian share a journalist’s perspective on reporting obesity. She is joined by EASO Patient Council representatives and internationally recognised obesity experts.

View the Media Masterclass

We are pleased to share recent videos on EU project MooDFOOD. MooDFOOD is a large European consortium exploring the relationship between mood, nutrition, and obesity. MooDFOOD symposium videos are available to view.

Weight loss maintenance is difficult. The NoHoW project is helping people learn how to do it. Learn about the successful symposium ‘Developing and Designing Evidence Based Digital Tools for Weightloss Maintenance: the H2020 NoHoW Project,’ at ECO2017, chaired by NoHoW Coordinator Professor Berit Lilienthal Heitmann and Dr. Marta M. Marques.

Find out more and view the project explainer videos

Credit © World ObesityCities Join Efforts to Help Communities Become More Active and Improve Citizen Health Globally

Cities across the world are being urged to sign up to the Global Active City programme, a new global health and physical activity promotion effort that is proven to increase individual and collective well-being among our increasingly urban populations.

We urge cities across Europe and around the world to sign up! The Active Well-being Initiative (AWI) has developed standards, toolkits and training modules to support cities and their leaders to participate.

Find out more on the AWI website