EASO Newsletter January 2017

EASO Newsletter January 2017

The 24th European Congress on Obesity (ECO2017) will take place in the beautiful city of Porto, one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe, from 17 to 20 May 2017. The meeting will take place at the Alfandega Congress Centre, recently voted one of the best meeting and conference centres in Europe.

Early registration is open, to register please visit the congress website

never too late to changeNever Too Late to Change: Tips from the European Obesity Summit 2016

The European Food Information Council shares science-based information on food and health of interest to European consumers.

This nonprofit organisation has published speaker interviews from ECO2016, highlighting useful tips to tackle obesity.

EASO Announces New Obesity Knowledge Transfer Series

EASO and SIO are proud to announce the new Obesity Knowledge Transfer Series: Italy – a core CME program with a set of resources and best practices to educate health professionals in effective clinical management of obesity. This online, bilingual website was developed in partnership with mdBriefCase Group and is the result of international collaboration by world-renowned physicians specialising in obesity and weight management.

We look forward to expanding the reach of these resources to other countries across Europe. More details will be available soon on the EASO website.

EASO Media Portal Offers Resources to European Journalists

The EASO Media Portal has been developed to provide a practical resource to pan-EU journalists and provides up-to-date, relevant information about obesity. It is an evolving tool which will be updated regularly as new resources and information become available.

People-First Language: Infographic for Healthcare Settings

Bias against people with obesity is well documented and has a major impact on health care delivery. People-First Language can help tackle this challenge. EASO and our partner organisations urge everyone to use people first language to tackle discrimination.

For more resources on communicating about obesity please visit the EASO Media Portal.

Susie BirneyPatient Council Spotlight: Meet Susie Birney of Ireland

“I became involved in a private online support group for the weight management clinic. I found that as soon as I surrounded myself with people who understood what it is like to struggle with obesity, the battle wasn’t quite so difficult.”

Read the full post

Patient Council Spotlight: Focus on Fryd Thrue of Denmark

“I am trying to be open and tell my story to everyone, who wants to listen. I can see both colleges and friends being inspired by my weight loss story. I can see myself trying to inspire others on their way to lose weight and to show them that it is possible – also without surgery.”

Read the full post

Obesity Facts 10 Years

In 2017, Obesity Facts celebrates its ten-year anniversary. We are very proud of the publication, which is recognised as a highly respected peer-reviewed scientific journal (impact factor 2.4) and is a platform for all aspects of Obesity research. The current issue of Obesity Facts, Volume 9, issue 6, is now available online. View the issue on the Obesity Facts website.

Eleonora PoggiogalleNew Investigators United Award Winner: Eleonora Poggiogalle

“During my residency program, my clinical and research experience included different dimensions of obesity and its comorbidities across the age spectrum. I was involved in research projects investigating the relationship among body composition, ectopic fat deposition, cardiometabolic risk, hormonal status, metabolic flexibility, sleep, and physical functionality, as well as eating disorders and food addiction.”

Read the full interview


MooDFOOD is a multidisciplinary consortium involving 13 organizations in 9 European countries, using a unique integrative approach which combines expertise in nutrition, consumer behaviour, psychiatry and preventive psychology.

View an updated webcast on the project website.

30 Years of EASO

EASO is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

We are delighted to announce the 30th anniversary of the founding of EASO this year. Looking back on EASO’s history reveals an impressive success story and encourages all of us to tackle current and future challenges in the field of obesity.

Read the history of the organisation on the Obesity Facts website


EASO looks forward to hosting the 25th annual European Congress on Obesity (ECO 2018) from 23-26 May 2018 in beautiful Vienna.

In 2019 we are delighted to host the ECO in Glasgow.

Please check the EASO website for dates and more information coming soon.