EASO Stakeholder Session - Leveraging Evidence for Policy Change

EASO Policy Stakeholder Sessions are a chance to explore a policy topic of concern to our community in from a range of perspectives and see where we can make a difference.

Contact EASO Policy Lead Jacqueline Bowman-Busato for further information: jbowman@easo.org

Leveraging Evidence for Policy Change

This was the first of EASO’s Advocacy Stakeholder Sessions series: a chance for EASO members, partners and constituencies to come together around key issues, and to share perspectives on how to drive change from policies to practice.

EASO’s policy and advocacy pillar works to engage stakeholders on obesity as a chronic relapsing disease. This first session took as its focus: Leveraging evidence for policy change.

What tools and skills do we need to advocate on obesity in line with EASO’s European strategy? And how do we best tell the story of the science on obesity through the language we use?

This 90-minute interactive session provided an opportunity for broad understanding of EASO’s policy achievements and ongoing strategy, and how we can create impactful collaborations for policy change, including with the World Health Organisation.

It was chaired by EASO Policy Lead Jacqueline Bowman-Busato and EASO Director Euan Woodward. Speakers included:

  • Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, EASO Past President
  • Jason Halford, EASO President
  • Joao Breda, World Health Organisation Special Advisor for Europe
  • Sophie Millar, EASO